F1 Simulator - Lets Race Real Experience from UK
A real heart-pumping action with this adrenaline-fuelled unit for F1 enthusiasts.

One of the rare of its kind, and touted as the UK's only full motion F1 simulator, Lets Race near Gatwick Airport UK, is a complete satisfaction for race lovers. With some of the advanced physics models and lifelike graphics, this unit can save huge expense o traveling across the globe to actually experience the same adventure. 

The F1 simulator offers equally measurable results with relatively simple and cost-effective simulator setup. As we know, every one of us cannot be a race driver and it's so complicated to be on the actual race course, Formula 1 simulator is a real gift to all those thousand race lovers. 

The Model with a most suitable simulator room with its own booming sound system can reach forces up to 1.5G while you can accelerate it up to 200 mph and throw you around like a real racing. 

LetsRace with its racing simulators allow you experience the real racing drive at a full speed. You also get a complete driving practice and chance to compete in the most famous F1 race in the world. 

This formula race simulator in-house system supports up to 10 people who can race against each other at once. With prices starting from Euro 5 to Euros 45 for the full race, it's certainly one of the best experience to have in your holiday time.

 LetsRace Schedule for Customers
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