irobot Roomba - This Expensive Vaccum Cleaner Really Sucks
Tired of vacuum cleaner preparations? Heavy units? or Tangling Wires? These are some of the most annoying parts while using vacuum cleaners. Still, their output is conveniently appreciable. But what if some smart robot do it for you automatically over a smartphone app?

iRobot and the Roomba come with an ultimate latest gadget. Yes, the iRobot  Roomba 980. An innovative way to clean your houses in the much efficient way. As the model image suggests half of its smart working, it's pretty easy to set it up as well. 

The Roomba's patterning algorithms are well derived from iRobot's defense-related research on robots that search for mines on beaches, and hence this vacuum cleaner product is very well through and reliable. 

Once fully charged with its fixed charging station, iRobot starts out in a straight line and intelligently navigate its cleaning path around obstacles. A botvac makes more than 60 navigational decisions a second and it's pretty smart moving around. 

iRobot took it almost fifteen years to perfect its botvac design and hence 980 is an output of years of research and development. The dirt detect system is phenomenal and its agitator is designed to make tangled carpet brushes a thing of the past. 

Looking at the perfection, cleaning depth and an ease of access iRobot Roomba is the perfect choice compared to other alternatives.

 irobot roomba 980

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