Heat Change Thermochromic Ceramic Mugs
Heat changing ceramic mugs will highlight the image in full colors while you pour hot coffee or tea in it. Cool isn't it? Based on various themes and games, you can actually have any colorful images to glow up while your loving one serves you hot drinks every time.

Mostly these mugs come in black color and have heat sensing ceramic material. It's a great choice who love gobbling tea, coffee, hot chocolate or any warm beverage of your choice. 

These latest trendy mugs will create new charm in every morning. A great way to start the day and one of the best things on Amazon under 25$. And if you want to create your own art which lightens up while pouring hot drink inside the mug, here is the tip.

You can actually draw your art on the mugs and then paint over it using black Thermochromatic Pigment temperature activated bi-color pigment powder. 

Get Black pigment here.

 Thermochromic Pigment Black

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