Motiv activity ring - As Precious as the Real Gold
Health gadgets, Activity monitors, fitbits, Samsung health all those measures your health activities smartly. Here is something new. Activity Ring? Yes, a smart ring which could be the next gift to your loving one. Can it replace your wedding rings? Who knows?

If you mention a fitness tracker to most of the people, they surely assume it will be around your wrist, however, the Motiv takes that preconception and throws it out of a window, bringing a whole new health tracking sensors packed in a tiny finger ring.

As Fitbit and Misfit already convinced folk to use these fitness trackers as a jewelry thing, the Motiv takes it to the next level of discretion. And its pretty sure wearable. 

If you look for more subtle wearable, then the Motiv smart ring could be a perfect choice compared to other rivals. With enough three-day battery life and water resistance up to 50m Motiv is a serious choice. 

Once you place an order for a motor ring, they will first send you a sizing kit and ask you to suggest a perfect fit. It's similar to the 'try at home' process of buying a new glasses online. You will receive a number of 'dumb' rings of different sizes in the box and you will have to find the perfect fit.  

If you're looking for a genuinely discreet fitness tracker with basic things inbuilt, the Motiv does really well job. Just slightly overpriced at $199.

 Motiv Smart Ring

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