Glow in the dark Nail Polishes
Glow in the dark nail polish - Some of the coolest thing ever for girls.

It's time to break out the Holloween nail art with more subtle glow in dark nail polishes. These matte nail polishes are neon, glow-in-dark lacquers that are perfect for the wonderful women.

Nail your weekend glam with 90’s inspired, neon coated glow in the dark nails. Using these best-selling Glow in the Dark Nail Varnishes, embellish your nails with this season’s must-have women thing - a super glow that rocks around the clock. And you heard it, with our unique glow in the dark formula, you can now achieve a long-lasting glow, with a just a few coats.

image source: Big T Ranch

Be sure to charge your nail lacquer under bright light to get the best glow in the dark effect. Before applying a coat, just be sure to rub a small amount of petroleum jelly or vaseline onto the skin and cuticle around your nails. This will prevent nail varnish from staining your skin. And later just wash off the vaseline and apply glow in dark coat. 

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