JUNO - The Smartest Makeup Mirror Ever
Juno is probably the first intelligent makeup mirror with auto-sensing technology. Its preloaded with light settings for indoors, office and evening so that you look best always. It's not just a mirror but can turn into an instant reading lamp with the flick of a wrist. You can even store your beauty and makeup needs in its inbuilt tray. 

A peripheral studio grade light up ring will help you take selfies. You can choose specific light warmth by adjusting its hue settings and save it for further use. You can perfect your selfie look by pairing your photo with a filter to match and also set selfie light to make sure you are shining correctly. 

Technically JUNO is different than conventional fluorescent light bulbs which have a lesser life expectancy and single color spectrum. Juno has SMD LED lights which are dimmable, shatterproof, with up to 10 years life expectancy, energy saving, mercury free and produces a wide color spectrum.


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