Mini Wifi Spy Camera
Spying is human tendency but its necessary sometimes when your own people do some bad things behind you. This Mini Wifi Spy camera will help you watch over your kids and professions without being noticed. Now you feel like a movie spy huh?

Spy cams have been with us for years and this tiny upgrade is pretty fascinating specially looking at its size. Most of the CCTV available are pretty annoying and large so anyone passing by can know that they are under watch. Well, not this one, this spy camera is tiny, high-tech and packed with cool features such as its incredible magnetic clip. 

And when you are summoned to your next mission, let it be attached to yourself or carry and stick to any metal piece around you and start spying. The camera can send HD live feed to your smartphone via wifi or can record offline with an SD card in. It is also equipped with motion detectors, alarms and HD night vision making it a perfect security device. 

So start warning your kids and other people that they are being watched or just spy over them and catch red hand. Cool isn't it?

 Conbrov WF98 960P Mini Wireless Hidden Camera

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