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Since the creation of the internet in the late 20th century, people from around the world have been able to receive and peruse information with an unspeakable force. Yet, its fruitful birth could not have foreseen the extent to which digitalization trends would unfold and the hefty importance of privacy online. As later times have revealed with NSA “big brother” oversight and a surge in internet hackers, the internet is a fully-exposed, unsecured online terrain unable to protect private data transmitted over its server.  The good news though, is that the use of a virtual private network (VPN) can act as a safeguard for private data online and promise some control over how a user is identified. 

At just a mouse click away, you can download a Chrome VPN extension and gain back control over your data and online paths. 

A Brief Glimpse into VPN

In layman’s terms, the Chrome VPN extension builds a virtually-encrypted tunnel between you and a remote server run by the VPN service. All external internet traffic is then redirected through this tunnel, ensuring that your data is protected from mischievous hackers or unwanted online onlookers. Even more, the VPN extension is capable of masking your identity by associating your computer with the IP address of the VPN server.

The Perks of Chrome Extension VPN

indeed, making the decision to download the VPN extension found on Chrome navigator can prove to be beneficial in terms of overall security or the bypass of geo-blocking and firewalls. In 2013, when Edward Snowden leaked internal communications revealing a massive surveillance program of all digital communications by the National Security Agency (NSA), it became evident rather quickly that the internet is filled with gaping holes in user data protection. Connecting online without a VPN is to leave you exposed to possible unknown oversight and prying eyes, be it from the NSA or a lone wolf hacker attempting to get your credit card information. With the Chrome VPN extension, security is no longer a concern and privacy become of the utmost priority. 

But as much as having a VPN extension provides privacy, it also offers the opportunity to liberate. Consumers can use the VPN extension to access online content that is not available in their regions due to the restriction imposed by the content creator or otherwise known as geo-blocking. In countries such as China or Turkey, where state governments limit access to certain websites for political reasons, the use of a VPN extension allows individuals to bypass such online limitations and explore the internet freely without concern about local tracking. Similarly, because the VPN extension runs from different servers from around the world, users can, for instance, connect through a U.K.-based server to access restricted BBC content not viewable in their countries. Freedom to reach whatever content has never tasted so sweet, to say the least.

Protect Yourself with the VPN extension

As the world becomes more and more digitally connected, it will be even more essential to have a strong, reliable VPN in your personal security arsenal to fight against any possible online interference. Not only will the VPN be able to encrypt your internet traffic, but it can prevent others from accessing what should only pertain to you.  the best part is that protecting yourself from online threats is extremely simple. By just downloading the VPN extension on your Chrome browser, you can begin surfing the web immediately afterward, happily and carefree.

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