Skycamp: The perfect roof top tent for travelers
Skycamp is a revolutionary roof top tent designed by iKamper in 2012. Whether its working or a family picnic, Skycamp is a perfect rooftop tent idea. It is an expandable hard shell roof top tent that sets up in less than a minute. 

Specifications - 

All you get is a king size floor area
Setting up the tent is as easy as said
Made with extremely durable and strong material
Skycamp fits on most of the vehicles
You get a beautiful skyview window too
Its waterproof and windproof 
Its smooth clamshell design is suitable in terms of an areodynamics
Available in Onyx Black and Pearl White colors
Additional accessories include Awning, Annex Room, Storage Shelf & Shoe Rack, 

Wind Deflector, Anti Theft locks, Ladder for easy access.

 Skycamp - the perfect roof top tent for travelers

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