The Basslet - the watch-size subwoofer for all your Music
Basslet is the revolutionary tiny gadget and a silent subwoofer that delivers bass straight to your body, offering a powerful music experience all the time. 

How it works? 

The Basslet uses a psycho acoustic phenomenon and your brain merges sound and vibration into a single experience. In short the Basslet tricks your brain to feel the super bass added by this tiny watch size device. 

 HD Vibration technology 10 to 250 Hz
 Completely silent
 Up to 10h playtime
 Adjustable bass intensity


 No app needed
 Headphone connection (3.5 mm)
 USB input for charging

Setup Example

Plug the sender between your music player and your headphones. Done!


The Basslet is packed with best-in-class HD haptic technology called as the LoSound technology. It recreates the full bass spectrum with extreme precision. The result is the deepest bass riched music experience making you feel like you are surrounded by sound. 

It is world's first and its only kind of device which does this and yes, every music lover must have this gadget.

 Basslet - the watch size subwoofer

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