Travelmate Smart Suitcase and Robot Companion
TRAVELMATE is a luggage of the tomorrow!

Travelmate is the first self driving autonomous smart suitcase that can follow around its owner. Its fully compliant with TSA regulations and FAA specifications. Carry on luggage is one of the most annoying thing for most of us while on long journey. Its so smart that it can move itself horizontally and vertically easily. 

Some of the amazing features of Travelmate:

A secure TSA standard bluetooth enabled lock.
Built in scale to accurately pack the content.
Low energy bluetooth module with consistant connection. 
Multi colored LED lighting for various signals.
USB 3.0 support for powering and also has wireless technology.
A GPS chip which will allow you find its location anytime anywhere.
Available in three sizes S,M and Large.
Built in smart AI features.

 Travelmate - Smart Suitcase and Robot Companion

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