Aerobie Skylighter Disc - A Flying Disc Outdoor Game
An invention of Aerobie Flying Ring by Alan Alder was an instant hit in 1980's and later on, he opened up a startup company called Superflight. Later with the success of its brand Aerobie knowing that the millions of people refer them by its brand name, he changed the company name to Aerobie. 

A traditional disc game has upgraded now with a new super bright LED lights inside. These light are sonically welded to the disc body for added durability. 
A thin profile design and spoiler rim give the disc smooth and longer flights. 

Its cushioned edges make sure a better grip and softer catches and its 12 inches bigger dia ensure a greater stability. It uses two long life CR 3V Lithium coin cell replaceable batteries for led lights.

 Aerobie Skylighter Disc

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