Dusk to Dawn Light Bulb 8W Auto On/Off LED light Bulb
Auto on/off led light bulbs which turns on when light is dim and turns off when the light is bright. With its built-in-light sensor, the bulbs automatically turns on/off as per surrounding lights. 

The specially designed LED light has no stroboscopic effect which creates stable spectrum which effectively protects your eyesight and does not cause eye strain like other traditional fluorescent lamps or inferior LED lights.
Just install the LED light into standard holder and it starts working. Most suitable for home, closet, basement, patio, front door, garage, carpet, hotel, coffee house, stairs corridor, pantry room, storage room etc. 

Its UV and IR free and contains no lead, mercury or other contaminating elements. It provides 8 Watt 720 lumens output with lasting capacity of appx. 25000 hrs.

 Dusk to Dawn Light Bulb 8W Auto On/Off LED light Bulb

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