HTC RE 16MP Waterproof Digital Camera
HTC's latest handy digital camera is a superb add on to your existing photography suite. With ultra wide angle lens you won't need a viewfinder. It's 146 deg. ultra-wide view captures everything. 

An automatic sensor detects your grip for instant on use. One button control tap for photos, press for videos. A highly ergonomic design subtle size and form-fitting grip fits your hand naturally for distraction free use. 

RE lets you focus on the moment rather than camera. Its extremely simple and gives remarkably near perfect photo capturing experience. 

One handed use brings you out from behind a screen and back into the moment. Its grip sensor automatically detects when you pick it up, a single button takes photos and with just a tap it captures videos. A wide angle lens replaces the need for a viewfinder and most importantly its waterproof.

 HTC RE 16MP Waterproof Digital Camera

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