Legacy Shave - Shaving brush attached to Gel Can
Now forget about searching a shaving gel separately while in hurry every morning. Universal shaving brush specially designed to fit most of the shaving gel cans will make your life much easier. 

Applying cream by hand tends to mat hair follicles down leading to undue irritation. The evolution brush will work its bristles underneath hair follicles making them stand at attention and make work much easier. 

Forget all the shaving tools and be sure to get quick ready setup without having a need to clean a beard shaving bowl again. Just rinse, shake and you'are done. 

Certainly, this design will save much of your shaving gel as it is not required to clean the excessive shaving lather waste just after you finish shaving. 

The evolution brush is a terrific gift for your male friends, as its so convenient, fast and will surely bring enhanced shaving experience.

 Legacy Shave - Shaving brush attached to Gel Can

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