Vivian Lou - Wear high heels 4x longer
Vivian Lou is a cleverly designed high heel insole to get relief from ball of foot pain, leg & lower back fatigue and suitable for any style of shoe with a 2-inch heel or higher. 

Although it is not a solution for any medical solutions related to feet or back pain but have proven a revolutionary aid to minimize the discomfort caused by using high heels for a longer duration. 

Far beyond the quick fix of padded insoles, Vivian adjusts the pitch and position in the shoe to shift weight off the ball of the foot and stop the feet from slipping forward minimizing the pain.
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Vivian Lou insoles are patented design and awarded with the seal of acceptance from the American Podiatric Medical Association and approved by the College of Podiatry.

 Vivian Lou - Wear high heels 4x longer

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