Alertme Lifesaver Driver Alertness Earplugs
Alertme is a Bluetooth earpiece which is a lifesaver electronic device that helps prevent accidents by detecting micro sleep on the work or on the drive.

You might wonder knowing that your brain can sleep for seconds without you realizing it. These are called microsleeps. When you are really tired and force yourself to stay awake, your brain will sneak in little naps. These last for usually few seconds to up to 8-10 secs. That's very dangerous while you are on the drive, isn't it?

Alert me is the latest electronic lifesaver alarm device which helps prevent accidents caused by falling asleep behind the wheel. Inspired by the traditional mercury nap alert system, alertme is an improved version controlled by a motherboard chip instead of the mercury. 

As soon as it detects that user might be getting drowsy, by their head starting to nod while driving, at work or at study it starts beeping.

 Alertme Lifesaver Driver Alertness Earplugs

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