Belty - an automatically adjusting digital belt
Remember those who keep adjusting their loose pants all the time. A little dumb guy looks. Belty is a technologically advanced belt designed to keep itself tight enough as per your requirements. 

Belty is a smart belt with a self-adjusting mechanism that will make it tighten or loosen depending upon your body's shape throughout a day. When your stomach is kind of muffins around your pants when you sit down, the smart belt will take care of that. 
Its a 21st-century smart belt specially designed to perfectly hold all those odd size waists who constantly need manual adjustments. Now forget that, the smart Belty will continually monitor its fit around your waist using onboard sensors, then activate a built-in electric motor to slim and expand the grip as it deems necessary. 

A super cool isn't it. 
Product status: Not funded.

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 Belty - an automatically adjusting digital belt

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