Funko Pop! Peeps Vinyl Figures
Easter is coming soon and you will surely love Easter candy like marshmallow Peeps. Peeps are cute and delightful for nostalgic reasons, but surely they don't really taste that good. Instead of having this sweet version, you can get these Funko Pop. Peeps Vinyl Figures are really funny with the adorable design in a way that they won't go stale or add to your waistline. 

The yellow Bunny Peep has been given the ultimate Funko Pop makeover. Whether you like its sugar rush or have your own microwave Peep Wars, we know these little cuties that line in shelves enjoy spring season. 

This Funko Pop! Peeps Yellow Bunny Vinyl Figure is available at BoxLunch. It is also sold at Entertainment Earth and Amazon.

 Funko Pop Peeps Vinyl Figures

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