LEGO IDEAS The Flintstones #21316
Yabba dabba doo, its LEGO IDEAS The Flinstones #21316, the brand new Stone Age building set. With almost up to 748 pieces, this set allows you to build Fred Flinstone's home and his car. You will also get 4 LEGO minifigures mainly Fred Flinstones, Wilma Flinstones, Barney Rubble and Betty Rubble.

With full brief details, The Flinstones Bedrock home features an opening front door, TV with aerial, curtains and curtain rails, table and phone, sofa, kitchen sink, fireplace, painting element on the wall, coffee table with fruit bowl and fruit elements, buildable floor lamp, and lampshade. There is also a buildable mailbox that says 'Flinstone' on the side, along with a buildable palm tree, 2 flower pots, flowers, plants, and 2 milk bottles. There's even a crate with a bowling ball and 3 bowling pins, and they can go bowling.

Not only these much, but the buildable Flinstones car also features two steamroller wheels and 4 minifigure seats, so Fred, Barney, Wilma, and Betty can all go for a ride. The car has a fabric element, plus an attachable dinasore rib.

 LEGO IDEAS The Flinstones #21316

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