Selk’bag Chewbacca Wearable Sleeping Bag
Selk'bag Chewbacca is so flexible and compact that not only it will keep you warm but very easy to carry it anywhere you go for an outing. Its a one piece wearable sleeping bag from Selk'bag featuring a printed inspiration by Chewbacca that's perfect for camping, lounging, sleepovers and road trips. 

It features a soft lining, insulated hood, and water resistant lining and has a 40-degree temperature rating. 
"The only thing worse than being without a sleeping bag after co-piloting the Millennium Falcon is leaving a warm one. This soft and cozy wearable Chewbacca sleeping bag allows you to put up your hood, take a nap, and stay warm anywhere in the galaxy."

 Selk’bag Chewbacca Wearable Sleeping Bag

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