Skypanel Fluorescent Light Diffuser
Skypanel features a sky colored light diffuser panels which relaxes the user in the extra lighted office or room. Those fluorescent lights can be very annoying for a long work hours. With this sky-colored light diffuser, you can bring a little bit of open air into your work. Not completely, but to a certain extent, these panels will make you feel an outdoor open-air environment and reduce bright light irritation and surely bring a surge of new ideas.

Skypanels are probably the most popular light diffuser out there in the market to successfully produce the desired results when compared to those traditional panels. These panels will bring a new dimension of professional an appeal to your room. These panels are made up of 100% long-lasting acrylic resin making sure you won't waste your money on poor quality panels.

 Cumulus II Skypanels - Fluorescent Light Diffuser

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