American Acoustasonic Series Telecaster by Fender
This all-new Acoustasonic Series from guitar legends Fender is a hybrid of both acoustic and electric guitars, will surely bring an end to our woes. 

Their new Stringed Instrument Resonance System (SIRS) creates the rich tone of an acoustic and the joyful twanginess of a Telecaster at just the flick of a switch, and their clever array of pickups will filter out any sound that will make your adoring fans wince. 

The awesome five colors will bring a new look to those lovely fenders as they should be. The American Acoustasonic Telecaster represents the next era in Fender craftsmanship and innovation with superb colors. 
 American Acoustasonic Series Telecaster by Fender
The Fender American Acoustasonic Series Telecaster is a breakthrough acoustic-electric guitar powered by a Fender and Fishman designed Acoustic Engine and with its 5 blendable voice pairs offer sonic choices across the spectrum of acoustic shapes & tonewoods as well as classic Fender electric tones.

 American Acoustasonic Series Telecaster

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