BeWellConnect MyTens Pain Relief Electro-Stimulation
The BewellConnect MyTens is a wireless electrostimulation device which will relieve muscle fatigue and find temporary relief from pain and discomfort from your body. It has two electrodes with pads that stick to your skin while holding the device in place and it delivers a TENS program via a connected MyTens smart app. The dedicated app helps you choose between 19 settings and suggest electrode placements specific to your pain areas. When you turn it on, the stimulation runs between the electrodes, targeting muscle or nerve tissue as per chosen settings. 

TENS technology stands for Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation, which means low-voltage current overpowers pain receptors, which is quite different from EMS Electrical Muscle Stimulation. As the pain nerves respond slower than the regular touch nerves, so what BeWellConnect does is electrically stimulate your sense of touch and you don't feel the pain as you would without stimulation.

BeWellConnect MyTens

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