Ozmo Active Smart Water Bottle
Setting fitness goal is easy but without a measuring aid, it is merely impossible. Hydration is one of the key factor in being healthy and following fitness/yoga rules. Being consistently hydrated helps you improve your mental alertness, better focus, and memory. 

Similar to a fitness tracker, Ozmo is a complete system that helps you measure your liquid intake. Not only water, but it nicely measures your coffee/tea intake and keeps you alerted. It will vibrate, LEDs will blink to give you signals, sync data on App, alert you with reminders and much more. Whether your 5pm latte is a great idea or you need to drink an extra glass of water after 10 mile bike ride, Ozmo will guide for everything you drink. The Ozmo smart app will connect to your smart bottle and instantly give you all the reports. 

image source: ozmo

So, set your next personalized hydration goal post workout or routine and see the difference in weeks.

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