SIXPAD Abs Fit EMS abs belt
Although devices such as 'abs toning belts' have had quite a bad time in the last few decades, Sixpad offers something different from its abs EMS device just for having six-packs in a visible time span. Rather it is an excellent supplementary tool for you to achieve your six-pack goal.

If you are looking at it as a way to get ripped without putting any physical efforts, not surprisingly, you'll be disappointed. The technology is used is scientifically proven to increase strength and conditioning. It can also be used as physical therapy in the sport for injury prevention and rehabilitation. 

 Sixpad Abs EMS abs belt

As its name suggests, Sixpad EMS also uses Electrical Muscle Stimulation to move your muscles in a specific way that your brain normally does. EMS, is the technology for electrically stimulated muscle workouts, embedded in Sixpad training gear allows you to train your muscles anytime and anywhere even when doing regular housework or simply reading a book.

 SIXPAD Abs Fit EMS abs belt

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