Sphero Specdrums - beat making to your fingertips
Specdrums are rings that turn color into musical pitches and sounds played wirelessly through our iOS app.

There is always an annoying person in the office who insist on loudy drumming away on the desk with their headphones on, and Sphero's smart rings give them at least a reason to do so, a tapping music beats.

Sphero last summer acquired Specdrums who makes finger-worn rings that are designed to turn colors into music. Sphero's Specdrums rings bring beat making to your fingertips. 
 Sphero Specdrums - beatmaking to your fingertips

These rings are Bluetooth app-enabled rings that play music using colors. It's kind of real music fun to your routine life. 

Connect these smart rings to the Specdrums MIX app and tap on anything - your clothes, paintings, walls or anything including a playing pad - and it creates a music beats.

 Sphero Specdrums - beatmaking to your fingertips

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