Yellies Bunnies and moe Easter Toys for Your Basket
Hasbro released Yellies! Bunnies ahead of Easter. During the Holidays only the Yellies! Spiders were available. Now the voice-activated pets are also available as very cute bunnies. Each Yellies! Bunny sells for $14.99 on

The adorable bunnies react to yelling, talking, singing, clapping, and even music. The louder the sounds the faster the bunny moves. Yellies Bunnies are great entertainment for little kids on Easter Sunday.

 Yellies bunnies from Hasbro


Also new are the Yellies! Lizards, but they are by far not as cute as the bunnies. Besides electronic pets, collectibles are great to stuff Easter baskets. The collectibles from Hasbro's Littlest Pet Shop are a cute choice and very affordable.

Amazon has a big sale on Easter basket stuffers which includes many toys, games and more.

 Yellies Bunnies

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