Abyss LED Touchscreen Watch
Why Abyss LED Touchscreen watch is special? Inspired by Japanese blue LED touchscreen digital watch, encircle the mouth of the Abyss with white and blue LEDs. 

ThinkGeek advises some of its spiritual features including its ability to gaze into the abyss and come face to face with the true nature of your being, Experience the reality in four dimension like a Tralfamadorian, Use your knowledge of blue oyster cult numerals to control the Eye of Sauron and many such more. 

 LED Watches
Specifications - 

Japanese inspired blue LED touchscreen digital watch
Gently touch the screen to display the time
Touch and hold to enter time setting mode
Blue & White LEDs encircle the mouth of the Abyss
Black, snakeskin textured leather band with a buckle clasp
powered by 2-CR2016 batteries

 Abyss LED Touchscreen watches

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