Amplifiear - Boost your iPad's sound quickly
The Amplifier is a non-electric sound amplification plastic device which works just right for its said purpose of sound amplification. Works on both new iPads and iPad2 its simple yet much powerful accessory to enhance your tab watching experience. 

Started on Kickstarter, Amplifiear is a successful campaign for all those iPad lovers. The Amplifiear simply clips onto the corner of the iPad and reflects and amplifies the sound coming from its inbuilt speaker.

 Amplifiear - iPad sound booster

Once attached, it quickly amplifies the sound and enhances its crispness and clarity. Surprisingly you can enjoy watching videos on your iPad just sitting in front of it on a sofa or chair. 

With the Amplifiear’s clean lines and simple geometry, it looks like it is just made for the Apple products and with its asymmetrical position, it is reminiscent of a cartoon speech bubble and gives your device a new look.

 Amplifiear - Boost your iPad's sound

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