DisneyPlaymation Marvel Avengers Action Figures
Toys for Disney and Marvel film lovers. You will feel like into the real game of Marvel Comics or Disney films with these live action gloves. 

Disney Playmation is another great wearable gadget for kids who love action figures. These are imagination friendly toys which are made up of tiny action figures, a base station, and the Repulsor gloves. 

The kids wear the gloves and use them to literally move around and play in the game like heroes in the movie. The best part is that Kids can enjoy real movie fun shown in Marvel's Avengers fight and will soon be able to play with Star Wars and Frozen. 

 Diensy Playmation Action Figures

The toy is a great crossover which needs a tablet or smartphone app to guide the motion sensors, infrared, and missions. Kids can hit the targets the way IronMan does or hit Activator targets while they play.

 Disney Playmation Action Figures

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