The Minecraft Gameband - Save your game handy
This Gameband will help you save all your game data quickly on your wrist. It automatically backups your entire Minecraft folder. Simply plug Gameband into the USB port of your Mac, Windows or Linux and click on the Game band App to play. 

Customize its LED display with your choice of messages, images, and animations. Available in two sizes small and large, each holds up to 8GB of information. With this, you can play your favorite Minecraft game anywhere, anytime you want on any compatible computer. 
 The Minecraft Gameband

And what's cool about it is even if you lose or damage the gameband, it still backs up onto secure servers on the web, so just buy another one and you will have access to all the saved data. When your kids are on the move, they just wear it as a bracelet.

For any further questions about getting or using a Game band, Pixel Furnace, our Backup and Replacement Services you can write them at

 The Minecraft Gameband

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