The Moff Band - Wearable Smart Band for Kids
Re-released with its pac-man update, this motion-sensing wearable toy is an ultimate gift to kids. Its a slap on band with bright color and lightweight design. It connects with bluetooth and works as a controller, this means kids who have the pac man classic arcade game app on the iPad can simply swing their arm to move Pacman to and fro. Not only iPad other Ninja based games, laser games, and guitar player are the perfect examples where kids can utilize this band. 
 The Moff Band - smart wearable toys for kids
The Android and iOS Moff Band app can use kid's gesture to play the game in the more hands-on approach and suitable for kids from three to twelve years age with a thirst for knowledge. Supported by PBS kids, this wearable smart band can be used with Apple and Android-based devices with over 30 realistic sound effects and weekly updates.

 The Moff Band - smart wearable toys for kids

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