The Piper Computer Kit - The Minecraft Concept Learning Computer
The Piper Computer inspires the inventors of tomorrow!

The Piper Computer Kit was just recently added to our list of cool Minecraft toys. It’s an educational toy that is not only fun but also teaches programming and S.T.E.M. principles via Minecraft game concept. 

Although its a little bit pricey, but surely it’s basically running as a self-contained computer on a Rasberry PI OS and is pretty much the coolest thing to buy around.

Don't just load your kids with hefty smartphones and tablet toys, let them learn the basics of how they actually work. The Piper Computer kit comes with everything you need to assemble your own computer.

 The piper computer kit

The whole package contains a wooden computer case with LCD display, raspberry pi 3 project board, 1 GB ram, 1200 Mhz quadcore CPU, 8GB sd card, and 6600 MAh power bank.

 the piper computer kit

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