Water Bottle with Storage Compartment
Now don't just carry water bottle but other valuables too in the same hand. Contigo AUTOSEAL Kangaroo water bottle comes with a precise storage compartment which can hold cards, money, keys and such small things. 
G’day Mate! Kangaroo is our Wonda from Down Unda because its pocket “pouch” is the perfect place for storing IDs, money or a key in your BPA-free water bottle. Whether hitting the weights on the floor or staying in place in spin class you’ll also love Kangaroo’s spill-proof technology and one-handed convenience. It's everything you need in a reusable water bottle!

The lids are sealed - its an autoseal technology which makes it leak and spill proof and you can store more things in its storage area. Wide opening for ice cube placing and the bottle material is BPA free which is reusable.

 Contigo Water bottle with storage compartment

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