ReveaLED UV Flashlight Identifies Unseen Contaminants
If you are an avid traveler or visit lots of new places, this gadget will help you quickly help you analyze how hygienic the place is. Whether its a hotel room or any unclean surface, you will quickly know whether it's safe or not. 

The 'Revealed' UV flashlight is just 30 gms and features a powerful UV light which can reveal any unclean surface such as a hotel room, office or any place. The light is perfect for inspecting bed sheets and bathrooms or any surface in the space to ensure it isn't hiding tons of unseen bacteria.

This light also works an effective tool for photographers looking to capture beautiful photos or wildlife, nature and beyond. The light will offer up to two hours of use per charge and also functions as a traditional flashlight for convenience. 

The 'ReveaLED' is a UV flashlight is a multifunctional tool that will enable the user to pinpoint unseen substances and bacterias and capture stunning photography.

 ReveaLED UV flashlight

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