LeapsterGS Explorer by LeapFrog for Kids
LeapsterGS provides limitless gaming fun with learning development for kids. It is one of the best gadgets for kids where they can play and learn together. It delivers high-quality gaming experience with the fast-paced action of leading handheld game in a kid-tough design. 

Put your kids in charge of the action. Players can get access to their 800+ game app gallery with more including for eBooks, videos, music and much more. You can even record your pictures and videos on the go as it has 2GB inbuilt memory. Its built-in motion sensor makes playing super fun. 
You can choose from more than 2600 skills supported games beyond core subject areas such as Creativity & Life Skills, Mathematics, Reading and Writing, and Science. 

Enhance your kid's learning age with an ultimate LeapsterGS Explorer handheld gaming.

 LeapsterGS Explorer by LeapFrog for Kids

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