Merge 6DoF Blaster VR Gaming Gun
Merge's 6DoF (“Six Degrees of Freedom") is a laser-tag blaster that attaches to a smartphone so players can do battle both on screen and in real life.

The Merge 6DoF Is a High-Tech VR Blaster That Lets Kids Step Inside a Video Game. Its a Virtual reality shooter gaming gun allowing players battle both on screen and in reality. 

Similar to Skyrocket Toy’s Recoil, another A/R laser tag game that debuted last year, 6DoF is essentially a two-grip toy blaster that attaches to your smartphone. 

Simply slide the smartphone in, fire up the app, and you’re ready to do battle in virtual/augmented reality. It uses positional tracking technology such as SLAM, ARKit, ARCore, so when you run, jump, and duck behind the couch, it runs, jumps, and ducks on screen with you no goggles required though.

 Merge 6DoF VR Blaster News

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