Misfit Flash - Inexpensive and Effective Fitness Tracker
If you are a much fitness fan and don't want to spend too much on highly priced smartwatches, here is a solution. Misfit Flash is a splashproof fitness tracker with simple LED progress and time display. 

Even though it doesn't have a full digital display, it does pretty well job of telling you time, battery life and other tracking things. It automatically tracks steps, distance, calories, light, and heavy sleep. What else you want?

Flash has a smart button which enables you to take control over connected household smart devices. For Cyclists and swimmers, its water resistant up to 30m and suitable for everyday use. Just note that it is not fully waterproof and unsafe for showering, bathing, swimming, snorkeling and similar water or pool fun. 

Misfit flash wirelessly syncs with a paired smartphone to upload data and works with non-charging, a replaceable battery which lasts up to a whopping 6 months.

 Misfit Flash fitness tracker

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