Wireless Multicolor LED Light Bulbs with Speaker
Go to the next level of your home decor with these wireless multicolor dimmable LED light bulbs which again comes with a speaker for the alarm system and playing music. 

Its a color changing speaker bulb to keep you up with mood whenever you are at home. Especially at night when you need to relax with its multi-color modes and many bright shades for your preference. 

Its built-in speaker enables you to play your favorite music from your smartphone and yes works an alarm too. Its timing alarm and sleep assistant function make it highly productive gadget for your personal decor. 

Just screw in the bulb, power it on, download the free app and enjoy the worderful experience of musical light shades every day. 

Sengled Solo Dimmable LED Light Bulb with JBL Speakers

The Sengled Solo LED light bulb comes with JBL speakers and described as Dual 1.07-inch high-fidelity speakers with L/R stereo modes. The light bulb is operated via an app through a smartphone, with options to play music and set the brightness. It is compatible with both Android and iOS smart devices.

It is easy to install with standard E26 socket and plays music from mobile apps like Spotify, Pandora, and Youtube.

 Sengled Solo Bluetooth Light Bulb JBL Speaker

Texsens Smart LED Light Bulb with Bluetooth Speaker

With Texsens Smart LED bulb you can choose from over 16 million dimmable colors and tones. Again this bulb works with a smartphone app and has timer off and sleep assistant functions.

It’s highly energy efficient, shock/vibrations resistant and very easy to set up. It equals an 80-watt halogen bulb but with lots and lots of perks.

 Texsens LED Light Bulb

LIGHTSTORY Bluetooth Light Bulb Speaker

Created by Lightstory, its a smart bulb with built-in speaker and offers 12 shades of brightness and dimmable colors. Once you choose a shade, next time it starts with the same shade to start with. It also has inbuilt speaker so that you can stream music from any online app such as Spotify, Pandora, Youtube and so on. 

Timing alarm and sleep assistant offers easy functions so that if you feel that you'll fall asleep in 10 minutes, you can set the timer to turn the bulb off in set period. Its Bluetooth speaker offers fair sound and loudness output to fill a smaller room. 

 LIGHTSTORY BL08A Light, LED Music, Wireless BT Stereo Speaker

Sunvito Smart LED Bulb Speaker

Full of similar functions Sunvito Smart LED bulb does pretty well job. It offers lots of color patterns in the app and also has a feature to sort through downloaded songs in your smartphone. 

Just scan the QR code through iOS Or Android and it will turn on, select from its 4 color modes and choose from color patterns like normal, rhythm, rainbow, pulse and candle depending on our current mood. 

 Sunvito Smart LED Bulb Speaker

ROKOO Smart LED Music Bulb

Rokoo comes with pretty similar functions of smart bulbs and connects via Bluetooth to play your preferred music. It supports over 16 million colors and shades allowing you to choose the most suitable according to your mood. 

The light can be dimmed at will and the light bulb is so very energy efficient. The music output is pretty good as well the sound is surprisingly clear and if using Bluetooth 4.0 dual mode, it will provide even more stable performance with no breakups. 

 ROKOO Smart LED Music Bulb

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