Some of the Proven Ways to Gain More Brand Mentions
One of the powerful ways for your online marketing success. Increasing your site's online reputation through "implied links" or in simple words getting attention through "reference" or "citation to the target source" has a huge potential.

Brand Mentions, yes, the awareness of your Brand online among the relevant pool. In recent years, doing well on Google meant building links from trustworthy sites. 

That's still true but the internet is changing and link building isn't just about links anymore.

So instead of just waiting for those healthy backlinks coming in, you can focus on the ways to build mentions of your brand naturally across the web, even if it's not accompanied by a link. 

Here we will review some of the proven ways to gain more linkless brand mentions and more people talking about your business online.

If someone mentions your business in a blog post, without linking to your site, that's a brand mention. 

Whether they recommend one of your products to a friend or share some information on their social profiles, it creates an organic buzz around your business.

Increased awareness of your brand will certainly boost not only sales but your SEO efforts in Google and Search engine's eyes.

Brand mentions are valuable. As per Google's SEO event on September 2017, social mentions impact Google rankings.

Also in 2017, at Pubcon, Google's Garry talked about how Google uses online mentions in its search algorithms.

Ways to gain faster brand mentions...

Create and Share accurate and reliable content

The best-known strategy is to create top-notch content. When people like your content that meets needs, help others and highly reliable, they will react to it, share it and help you gain more brand mentions.

If you are not a fan of blogging, there are many ways you can do get more brand mentions. 

Leave a thoughtful response on someone's post relevant to your business, respond on Quora and other industry-specific forums and groups. You can start a podcast, go live on facebook or create a how-to video on Youtube, all works.

Focus on customer reviews

Customer reviews are equally important as they drive quick attention towards the quality of products and build trust. Almost 86% of consumers reading reviews for local businesses. Both search engines and customers take your business reviews into account, it must be your focus to constantly improvise it.

You should also start tracking those reviews on a regular basis and spread the word on positive reviews and work for a solution on the negative ones if any as it always happens in business. 

Grow your social media presence and stay active

Social media is a great place for Brand mentions. If you want to increase your brand awareness, participate more and more in social networks. It even boosts sales. 

So whatever social medium you are using, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, make sure to stay active and do participate on a regular basis. 

Post helpful content regularly, go live, create your own groups and engage in conversation with your audience. 

Respond to customer questions and concerns

Most of the time big brands have less time to respond to their customer's concerns. As more and more people on social media are likely to raise concerns, queries, you can take an opportunity to grab their attention and trust by responding and providing solutions. 

As per Sprout Special, brands reply to only 11% of their customer's concerns and complain through social media, and although 80% of companies say they deliver the best in class customer service while only 8% of their customers actually agree.

Make sure to track Mentions

Same as with backlinks, make sure to track your brand mention to analyze how people saying about you online. 

Once the user tags your brand in their social posts, you can check your notifications to understand how is the response. But what if they don't? There are great tools that can help you monitor your online reputation so that you will immediately know someone says something positive or negative about your brand. 

Similarly, you must also keep an eye on competitors to see how they are growing with their brands. This will help you understand the current market flow and how other brands are developing new strategies to attract more customers. 

And monitor their likes, comments, questions, and a number of shares on their content. Look for what new strategies they are adopting and implement in your next practice. 

Guest Blogging

One of the great ways to improve your personal branding is through guest blogging. For smart marketers, it is still a proven strategy. 

In reality, guest blogging doesn't payoff through a link always and in some cases, a link might be removed or followed by a web owner. So you can expect a great branding through a right and meaningful information to people. 

Interact on forums

Make sure to stay involved in form discussion even if it seems an old-fashion method to boost your business. Take an example of Reddit, it's the most popular forum style platform around which is a huge marketing opportunity for many.

Forum discussion is a great way to improve brand mentions. They even allow participants to discuss the brand for some reason.

Keep creating top-notch content

One of the good reasons for brand mentions getting more value nowadays is because of many other black hat ways of link building. Mass link building is still considered a black hat and causes more harm than good.

Due to mass link building craze, content marketing has emerged from the marketing landscape as one of the most valuable marketing techniques. And so Google's algorithmic shifts such as Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird all have improved in the direction of content. 

Wrapping up,

Brand mentions are undoubtedly the future of digital marketing.

These are extremely important to help you reach a higher milestone. Putting the time and effort into getting more of your customers to talk about you online can push your SEO rankings way higher. 

This will improve the perception of your brand online, attract more customers to come in, increased trust and hence more sales and repeat customers. 

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