How to Start an Online Business? A Kick Start for Beginners!
Starting a new business is as easy as creating your very own new recipe. Although having a winning plan is not just a matter of luck but consistent inputs and strong focus. No matter how good you are, the process of running a successful business is a combination of smart plan, knowledge and of course healthy financial aid. 

Unless you are already a millionaire or Big family boy, you won't be able to get a healthy kick start to your new business. This guide is packed with everything you need to initiate your new business and utilize your full potential in every corner


This article will help you take practical steps that are actually needed to jump into your entrepreneurship. 

1. Find ideas that might actually work

Every business starts with an idea. Some could succeed which we see all around today, many don't which nobody cares about. Take a look at Google's failed products recently they shut down  

Although ideas are good for new businesses, there are many myths about them.

Myth No. 1: Your business won't be successful unless your idea is brand-spanking and a new one which nobody has ever thought of.

Remember anything works only when people want it, if you think of some alien technology services, probably your business won't create any fruits soon or sunk well down there ultimately. You can always learn from the mistakes the previous businesses have made and look for new ways to run them as the market always keep rising for new concepts. 

This way you will save your time and money by not doing something which is hell difficult or quite impossible to achieve.

Originality is always important, and you can still be original by creating a business that's already there in the market, but in a totally new way. Here your USP comes in the way - rather than copying them entirely, you can spin the concept in whole and look for success in your very own way. 

A business takes inspiration from one another all the time and it is not wrong. Watch and learn from giants, get into a new idea/plan and do the original spin and it could be the best thing you've ever done to your small business. 

Myth No. 2 - Your product should be the next best thing ever...

If you wish to become a scientist you surely don't want to chase Eienstine all the time in your head. This way you will never become a scientist. Rather you will spend your whole life proving yourself why you couldn't become an Eienstine. 

Remember, how many small, seemingly insignificant things are you surrounded by that you simply couldn't live without? This is called a winning formula. No matter how small your idea is, it always has the potential to grow for humans around you. 

Even if you get a local success in your online business, still you are a winner and stand a chance to go further. 

2. Mark up a winning business plan

Start crafting your business plan at the earliest opportunity. This way you will be able to make crucial decisions and keep up with faith. Your plan will tell others about your vision and where you want it to go. 

Another important thing to have a business plan to get investors into. Unless you have a clear idea about what you want to do, you won't get funding for it. Banks and investors will pick your business plan apart to make sure how you will spend and whether you will be able to pay them back with good returns. 

So Business plans have to be created in a well-written format that investors should be able to understand clearly. 

What to include in your new Business Plan?

You will need to create a complete summary of your Business plan. You will include key objectives and goals which are again should sound realistic.

You will need to point out your sales and marketing efforts, show how you understand the market, how your business solves the problem keep it updated whenever your team does any changes to it.

Your latest updated version of a business plan will attract new investors with actual sales and earnings figures. Once they agree with your plan and find it lucrative, surely you will receive good news from them. 

3. Test the current market trends and technology upgrades

You will never be able to stick to one or another remedy for your current business. No matter you have achieved some good milestones with your business, now its time to look for further upgrades and changes. 

You will find the questions raised from people around you or online communities and learn where your business is lacking and how you can improve it. 

4. Find volunteers on social media

Use Survey services to get how your online visitors respond

Attend industry events to find the target market
Keep studying the online market
Use Google Trends to explore how people are searching your site and products
See how your competitors are growing and what changes they do

Remember, testing is a good way to rectify things the right time they occur. This will save a lot of your time and money doing things right when people find them after you have launched the product. 

5. Think of a Good name for your business

First impressions are at its utmost importance. Instead of starting something and changing things after your little succeed, think big at initial levels. This will give a sharp shoot upside and save your time further. 

Make sure your business name is unique, easy to remember, passionate and not registered before by someone. 

6. Register an extension for your new business

Surely .com needs no introduction. But keep your options ready as millions might already have tried the name which you have thought of. However, there are plenty of others available for your dream. 

.cn or – are perfect for China-based business. You can let customers know that you’re a reputable trader in China at a glance. 

.co or .net – Great .com alternatives with good availability
.org or – Good choice of domain for not-for-profit organizations
Industry-specific extensions – eg. .shop or .blog, are amazing for targeting specific audiences
Location-based extensions – eg .london if you want to be really specific! Remember this is a great option for local businesses only.

7. Build your new website

Now that you have got your business brand name, it's time to go online with it. Launching a fully functional, professional-looking site is quite easy nowadays without breaking the bank. 

A website is a cheap and efficient way to promote your business online and communicate with your customers from all over the world. customers have access to your business 24/7, allowing you to make money around the clock. 

You can save a lot of your costs by building your website yourself. This way you will not have to pay a monthly fee for customization and maintenance. Choozurmobile helps you do so with simple and yet powerful site designs and modifications. 

It is simple and inexpensive and you'll undoubtedly be pleased with the results. 

You will also need your business account so that you can professionally communicate with your customers. Gmail, live are third party email services which doesn't look good for professional businesses. So having one will surely scream your business louder in the online world. 

Things to consider while creating your website

Its design and images 

Simplify colors and fonts
To avoid the cluttered web page
Avoid block of text
Up to date content
Mobile design
Copywriting notice
Security measures

a. Images and Design

Images should be self-understanding and clear to view. Images are the first thing visitor see on your pages, so spend more time selecting and making them.

Avoid overused internet images, copyrighted images. Don't skip alt tags while uploading images, this is important for SEO.

Also see: How to Optimize Images for Web and Speed Up

b. Simplify colors and fonts

The website's colors and font selection does a pretty well job when reaching out for those thousands of online visitors. Your site shall look unique yet simple to visit and read. 

Using too many colors can lead to unsightly clashes and create a garish, chaotic look. 

c. Avoid cluttered web pages

See your website's pages from the user's perspectives. Remove unnecessary distractions from your page and fill all gaps with usable info, whether it be your other relevant posts, advertising or anything. 

White spaces on the webpage allow viewers to focus on what you want them to see however you should also use one or two call-to-actions so that they know what next to do on your site. 

Make sure to lead viewers to the right information which gives them a crystal clear idea of things such as what, where, how much and when. 

It's annoying for the user to log on to your website and not have access to this information quickly as possible with quick navigation to other sections of your site and also make sure that all your links and tabs are working.

d. Avoid blocks of text

It may sound interesting to show off your knowledge by writing long paragraphs which are giving more and more in-depth information to your readers. But make sure it doesn't create a reverse effect and visitors simply want to skip through paragraphs. Keep your topics short and concise.

Try to cut the information down into necessary readable formats and group them into headings and subheadings. 

This will ensure that maximum visitors will actually read your content.

e. Up to date content

Make sure to update content on every possible occasion. You can simply modify your site's design to suit seasonal occasions. The seasons are a great way to attract regular customers with attractive offers. 

Christmas, Halloween, valentines' day, Easter, Back to school the list goes on. A little Christmas hat over your logo or a few hearts around your page for Valentin's day will create a lovely impact.

f. Mobile-friendly design

Mobiles are the next-gen computers. People often use their hand devices to search for information. Your google ranking could suffer if your site is not mobile-friendly and could miss lots of customers.  

If your site is new or recently launched, make sure it's completely mobile friendly. Most of the online site builders already come with this functionality but stay focused on it as they likely to have few unsolved issues around it and cause damage to your site's reach. 

g. Copywriting

Make sure whatever you write on your pages is free from spelling errors. If not it will create an unprofessional impact on readers. You can use Grammarly or relevant add-ons to make sure your long hour work doesn't go in the trash. Careless mistakes will cause serious impacts on your pages. 

If you want to sound professional with your language, make sure to be precise and shout your brand louder. This will create an impact. Don't just be informal and chatty rather go corporate and speak louder with promising pitch through your words. 

Keep your call to action forms clear and descriptive. They will surely encourage your visitors to click them and enter for participation. 

h. Security

Once your site is alive and things are going well, you should go to the next level and think about security, not only yours but also from the customer's point of view.

SSL Certificate - These are small data files that digitally bind a cryptographic key to an organizations' details. When installed on a web server, it activates the padlock and the https protocol and allows secure connections from a web server to a browser.

This will ensure customers are free from a transaction or data hacking and trust your site as most of the online sites follow this certification very well. 

Even Google favor secure websites, so you may see a boost in your search engine rankings. Otherwise, your visitors will be alerted as your site is 'Not Secure' and create adverse impacts. 

Antivirus and malware protection - All online activities are susceptible to malware and pesky viruses. With more than 110 million variants of malware floating around the web today, you shouldn't take a chance. Instead of taking action after getting affected, you can make sure to have taken steps right before the initial setup. 

8. How to keep up with your Website 

Creating a fully working website is just a good start. You will need to keep it updated with content and as per your business plan. You can use tools such as Google Analytics to monitor your site and visitor trend to make further improvements and plans.

Who are the visitors, where they are coming from, which pages they visit the most and so on? Keep analysis of first-time visitors vs returning visitors. See how much time a visitor stays on your site, how new visitors are finding your site.

This information will help you make improvements and fill the gaps if any. Other ways include polls and surveys you can take from people and see what feedback they give. 

9. Online business promotion

In order to attract new customers, you'll prepare for promotion through various channels. It might include social networking sites, forums, advertising on youtube, creating business-related videos and more. 

Your efforts might take some time, but don't worry, if you are prepared thoroughly, you'll surely see fruits. 

10. SEO 

Now you wonder why the term often comes along the way doing anything online. It simply indicates how people will find you. No matter how best you are with your business, unless you prepare for its searchability online and take steps accordingly, you won't reach success. 

SEO is way simple and requires some discipline. With proper techniques and guidance, you can optimize your content so that it floats in an online pool and you get better visibility. 

There is some study to take into account when optimizing your website for search engines, and it's often an ongoing process that includes consistently checking your site pages for visibility and maximizing your chances of being found on the web. 

Here are few tips for SEO optimization

a. A clear website structure

It means how well the user can surf through your website's internal content. Whether they are various topics, offers, business plans, policies or even contact details, things are of utmost importance. It will also Google help discover your site's pages and what they are all about. In return search, engines will include your site and its pages according to its results. 

So what is a good website structure look like? A good place to start is to have a clear menu system which the user can navigate. Your page URLs should also be unique and clear. It is also important that your pages are interlinked for better results. 

b. Keyword research

Keywords are the main things which are the source of the search for visitors. They will search for common keywords such as 'best hotels in Amsterdam' if a visitor wants to search for good hotels in their relevant area.

There are many tools like Google keyword planner, SEMRush to find better relevant keywords for your relevant topics. Also, make sure not to stuff too much of them in your articles and pages as they will create negative effects.

c. ALT tags for images

These tags define your images as search engines can not simply understand what images are alone. ALT tags will name your images and help get searched properly in search results. 

Backlinking - Attracting links to your site pages

When other sites link your site/pages through their pages, your site gets additional rankings. 

Simply when others talk about your brand or mention you in their articles, you certainly get benefited. 

The common method includes grabbing them organically through better and better content, reaching out to influencers, add a content-rich blog to your website, using social media and of course a black hat not often advised buying links. 

Make sure not to ask for specific sentences or wordings while asking for backlinking, neither user same internal anchor text linking within your own pages. Keep things varied and always be descriptive with keywords. This will boost your rankings. 

For consistent focus and best SEO efforts, you can avail of our expert advice also. We can certainly help you point out some of the best advice and changes to your current business model. Also, there are many search engine optimizers available in the market at free or little cost. 

d. PPC

Pay-per-click advertising (PPC) is another strategy to attract new customers to your site and drive new traffic. If you want your business to appear on top of Google's search results, they have ad plans for you. You can avail of those services and boost your market focus. 

If your site is all about new gadgets you can create ad campaigns to boost your searchability for keywords such as 'tech gadgets', 'new gadgets', 'best gadgets', 'cheap gadgets' and so on. Advertising plans also vary on bidding methods, meaning higher the user bid for those keywords, higher changes to boost your site for those keywords. 

Remember, others also have eyes on those same keywords and keep on bidding depending upon their budget, so don't expect too much in this area or you might lose more on advertising than earning your current profits. You got to keep up with your earnings and expenses.

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e. Social media

This one is one of the oldest and best cheapest ways to promote your brand or business. You can easily target audiences that are relevant to your business and start getting followers or leads. Interesting content, attractive images, new plans, and offers, viral things are some of the key points to note. 

With some dedication and little consistency, you will see your numbers growing well. 

f. Email marketing 

Getting an email list of those followers isn't that easy. Meaning you can buy or force them to opt your subscription. So, you have to have little patience and wait for new customers to sign up on your site for a routine email subscription. It's up to their choice, however, if you already have a good number of subscribers to your site you can use their emails for a little more push up with your new plans and ideas.

You will specifically tailor your messages to specific customers. It could be done with sorting them on various criteria such as gender, age, location, purchase history and so on. 

Your email must and must sound relevant to the users, so you need to divide them into these groups while you decide to marketize your new emails. 

Address your customers loyally - You can use tools to specifically address your customer with his name instead of just 'Dear Customer' which will greatly impact the results and will show them how much you value them. 

Specific subject lines- Curate the subject lines with the things which are actually inside the email. If you exaggerate the subject lines, your customers will only get frustrated rather than taking an interest in further reading. 

Schedule your emails - When people know when exactly you will put new emails, plans, ideas to them, they will expect your emails on those times and follow them wisely. 

Analyze your email marketing efforts - You can use tools such as Google Analytics to analyze your email campaigns. You'll see which emails were opened and converted into sales, how you can further improve and so on. 

11. Get investments to your business 

If you are an entrepreneur and don't have enough money to invest further in your new business, there are a lot of things you can consider.

Bank loans - Although it's difficult to get, you can try and avail lower interest rates and longer repayment periods to play around. 

Business overdraft/ credit card - Make sure to spend only that much which can actually pay back on/before the time frame. 

Crowdfunding - This is nowadays a favorite method by many new entrepreneurs who are more product-focused. Its a practice of funding a project or venture by raising small amounts of money from a large number of people. All done through the online banking process opted via new services or new product launches. 

Angel Investor - Something betting on the success of your business. You will give the share of your business if won and don't worry about repayment in case of loss. You will also have the guidance of an experienced entrepreneur for your business. 

MicroLoan - Its similar to a bank loan but in lower amounts. But if you need a large amount, this might not be a good option to go for. 

Grant - As the name suggests, it is given or awarded by governments, corporations, foundations or trusts to allow your business to grow. Kind of help for your good business start-up and to keep up further with it. 

Bootstrapping - Reinvesting your initial success into your further expansion. Sometimes it's risky but you will be 100% sure not to pay anything excess back to others. If you are confident in your business model and have earned enough through its start, you can surely think of bootstrapping your own business. Most of the big businesses follow this strategy to launch their new services or products. 

12. Legal advice  

It's very important to look into this matter considering you have reached some good milestones. Things can go complicated with laws and limitations. This will include competition, patents, copyrights, claims. To avoid those fallouts to your business success its good to know them at initial levels. 

Now you know that your business is surely running well but need further expertise and hard work, legal things are unavoidable. A legal professional can advise you further. 

Whether you will be a sole trader or working as self-employed or as a limited company owned by shareholders. All have their own pros and cons, but you will decide which one to follow in the long run. 

Website comments - You could be liable for whatever comments appear on your site no matter who does them. Make sure to moderate before let them be posted on your site.

Data Protection - You must comply with GDPR. It's a law that governs what you will do with people's data collected so long. 

Contract laws - Every business will have contracts it operates by and you will also need one and understand fully the basis of it. 

Cookie Policy - You will need to provide the information to every user about the cookies being used and get their consent to the storage and reading of cookies on their devices. 

Supplier Identification - If you are an online seller, you are legally required to disclose your identity to your customers which includes full name, registered address, contact details, etc.

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