Best Rucksack in India For Travel (2020)
A Rucksack is a best friend of any Backpacker as its important and determines how comfortable and strenuous his/her journey is going to be. A rucksack will not only store your basic things but almost anything you might need for your exciting trekking, camping journey. 

One of the important things while buying rucksack is its weight. Many cheap brands mimic the branded rucksack designs but fail to minimize its weight due to cheaper material used. An ideal rucksack must be strong enough to hold everything on your way yet a super lightweight and comfortable to wear. 

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It can surely be confusing to get one from stores as there are many options mixed with hefty pricing and unknown qualities. In this article, we will guide you to buy your rucksack from the top selective choices studied carefully. 
Best Rucksack in India For Travel (2020)
Table Of Contents

How to Choose the Perfect Rucksack
Consider the Rucksack Capacity
Choose a Rucksack which Fits
Consider your Comfort and Convenience
Look for Additional Rucksack Features
Top 10 Rucksacks to Choose For Yourself
How to Choose the Perfect Rucksack

Make sure to note the following things before buying a rucksack to understand them better.

Rucksack Capacity

It is important to know its size. It is measured in liters capacity similar to carry bags. It will determine how much gear you are going to carry. There are two main types, large rucksacks (50+ liters) and medium rucksack (30 - 50 liters)

Large Rucksacks

These are perfect for camping, hiking, trekking and moving around the world for a long journey. You can get one with around 85 L capacity which will surely hold most of your gear along with many pockets for your gadgets and small things. This type of rucksack are suitable for your extended trips of more than a week or so. You will not miss anything you might need while you are on your long trips.

For planning a trekking or expedition or short trips to longer distances, a 65 L rucksack will be an ideal choice. 

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Medium Rucksacks

For travelers planning a weekend camping, hiking, trekking, a medium-sized rucksack will be super sufficient. It can nicely pack your 3 days supplies and won't be heavy on your arms anyway.

A medium rucksack comes with extra padding to make it comfortable for carrying and much suitable for a 4-5 days trip. However, these are not suitable for avid travelers who often need to move to locations and have long journeys.

Rucksack which Fits properly

It is important to consider your physical built. Make sure to understand the capacity of the rucksack you are buying. You need to ensure it will fit properly on your back and does not bulge totally out. It greatly depends upon your back length and overall build. 

But, hold, most of the good quality rucksack comes with adjustable back straps and chest straps which makes them fit properly on a body. However, if you find your rucksack is hanging low from your back even after adjusting straps, it might not be a good choice at all. 

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Your Comfort and Convenience

See if your rucksack is comfortable and convenient to wear and use. Check for hip belts, back straps, chest straps, etc. as they will allow you to adjust the rucksack properly while you are about to on the move. A hip belt will ensure your body doesn't have to bear too much of its weight and get overall sturdy support. 

Also, padded chest straps and back straps will ensure sufficient support depending upon your overall built and back length. This will ensure easy carrying on the long journey. 

See for Additional Rucksack Features

Your rucksack can also have extra pockets, hooks, clips for more productivity. You can easily keep your other things safely in them. These are considered as additional features. If you are going to hike or trek a lot, then these hooks and clips will be very useful to attack equipment and accessories.

More packets and chains will give you additional ease to keep other small stuff which you can use instantly when it is needed. Another great feature not to miss is a rain cover, it will keep your possessions safe from getting wet in a rainy environment. A lot of rucksacks come with a rain cover which can be stored in a compact storage within itself. If not included in the same package, you can also buy one separately and keep it in its pockets.

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Top 10 Rucksacks to Choose For Yourself

Now that you have understood enough about Rucksacks, its a time to choose one. Here is a list of some of the great options to get one. You can choose them depending upon your budget and the features which excite you.

1) Wildcraft 45 Ltrs Rucksack

Wildcraft 45 Ltrs Rucksack
Wildcraft 45 Ltrs rucksacks are sturdy and highly durable. These are perfect if you an avid trekker, campaigner or moving on a long way journey. Its outer construction is made up of hard nylon while inside it has airy material which makes it lightweight yet durable. It features an adjustable strap for your shoulder height and depth which makes it a perfect fit for most of the people.  

If sturdiness and durability are what you are looking for then Wildcraft’s 45 liters rucksack is an ideal choice for you. The outer construction of this rucksack is of nylon while the inner construction is of airy material which makes it durable and lightweight. It features adjustable straps for your shoulder height and depth which makes it super comfortable to use during long journeys.

As it is a top-loading rucksack its easier to load and unload things quite easily again with its strengthened haul loop.  With these great things inbuilt it is a perfect product for camping and trekking and will surely not disappoint you. 

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2) AmazonBasics Internal Frame (Hardback) Hiking Backpack with Raincover (55 Liters)

AmazonBasics Internal Frame

This is an internal frame rucksack with 5 liters capacity which gives promising durability and cool look. One of the best choice of backpackers and hikers. It is perfectly built out of polyester and has a durable design and easily fits on various body sizes. As it features adjustable shoulder straps and waist belt for a secure fit, this rucksack becomes a comfortable choice for heavy load carriers.

AmazonBasics rucksack comes with a water repellent coating and a water-resistant material that keeps your belongings safe from spills and getting wet. Its spacious compartments and separate pockets make your work much easier and can hold your sleeping bag as well. 

One of the only drawbacks of this product is its high cost due to which is fairly bearable looking at its premium material built and overall quality. 

Buy at Amazon

3) Novicz TRAWOC 60L Rucksack TRAWOC 60L Travel Backpack for Outdoor
Novicz TRAWOC 60L Rucksack

Novicz Trawoc is one of the best rucksacks in the market with its built and features. It is specially made for the people who want a waterproof and lightweight rucksack for their campings and outdoor tour. It is made up of highly durable material and yet very lightweight and comfortable to wear on the way.

It has a spacious main compartment and has several mesh pockets to occupy your small tools and accessories which makes it a great choice for hiking and trekking. It is capable of carrying heavy loads as well since its weight is distributed from your shoulder to hips. Its cushioned mesh design on the back ensures that you don't sweat too much while carrying it on the way.

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4) POLESTAR ” ROCKY ” 60 Liters Grey Rucksack
POLESTAR ROCKY 60 Liters Rucksack
With its attractive price tag and high durability features Pole Star Rocky is one of the best choices among users. It is not only convenient but very affordable for budget users. It has a large 60 liters capacity and multiple compartments which makes it versatile for many outings such as trekking, camping and so on. You also have a bottle holder aside of it.

It is made up of a high-quality polyester making it durable and long-lasting. Its light and adjustable, breathable padded straps allow you to fit the rucksack properly on your back comfortably with even distribution of weight around your body. 

Rest stay assured with its quality and durability which will give you complete satisfaction for your adventurous and long tours and great one-time investment.

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5) MOUNT TRACK 9106 Nylon 80 Liters Backpack with Rain Cover(Camouflage)

MOUNT TRACK 9106 Nylon
It is one of the best largest rucksacks on our list with a capacity of 80 liters which is perfect for long tours and adventurous trips. It has strong metal frames with a padded back which helps to hold it firmly on your back with adequate support and comfort at the same time. It is quite spacious and has a sack opening for its main compartment to occupy extra stuff. 

It also features a detachable shoe compartment which is great for keeping things such as shoes, clothes, equipment, etc. It also includes a rain cover so that you don't have to worry about rain on the way.

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6) INLANDER 6001 Black 60 Liters Rucksack 

INLANDER 6001 Black 60 Liters

Inlander 6001 is another great rucksack choice for seasoned hikers and trekkers with a sufficient 60 liters capacity which makes it suitable for short 3-5 day trip. It has a strong internal frame which ensures a perfect fit on your back. With a durable and attractive design, this rucksack is a long-lasting product for your short tours and trips.

It is compact and can easily fit on various body sizes making it a common choice for many users. It includes adjustable straps, waist belts, etc. to ensure a secure fit and balances the load evenly for a safe and comfortable journey. And yes, you have a rain cover too with it.

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7) Gleam 0109 Climate Proof Mountain Rucksack

Gleam 0109 Climate Proof Mountain Rucksack
This Glem 0109 is another top pick in our list which has enough 75 liters capacity and perfect for hikers trekking lovers.

It can occupy most of your necessary belongings and has a rain cover built in to ensure your things remain safe all the time during the journey. It also has many zipper pockets to hold other tools and accessories if needed.

It has an expandable sack that can accommodate more of your material and help you organize your bag easily. Its adjustable waist belt ensures that the rucksack fits properly on your back and also keeps your comfortable on the way.

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8) MOUNT TRACK 40 Liters Dark Grey Rucksack

MOUNT TRACK 40 Liters Dark Grey Rucksack
It is one of the favorite choices among many due to its features and compact design. It is just 40 liters rucksack enough for your short and sweet adventurous tour and travel. It is made up of a nylon material which makes it durable and lightweight. Furthermore, it is waterproof so that you stay worry-free for your trekking gears.

Its padded shoulder straps make it sufficient for holding the rucksack easily on your back for comfortable carrying. It also has several internal pockets for storage as well so that you can easily keep your other things safe for short duration trips.

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9) Impulse Climate Proof Mountain Rucksack 65 Liters

Impulse Climate Proof Mountain Rucksack
These are another great choice available in multi colors. Impulse Climate Proof Mountain Rucksacks are of  65 liters capacity and made out of water-resistant nylon material. This makes them highly durable, strong and lightweight. It has enough space to store your clothing, towels and other accessories. It also has separate compartments for shoes and bottles. 

These rucksacks feature adjustable shoulder straps that fit nicely on average body sizes in men as well as women and hence a strong choice for hiking and long trips.

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10) Trajectory Blue Rucksack in 60 Liters

Trajectory Blue Rucksack in 60 Liters
If you have a limited budget and want to get a reliable product, Trajectory Blue Rucksack will solve a purpose. Its 60-liter capacity is enough for short tours. It has an ergonomic design and with adjustable straps, you can easily fit it on your shoulders comfortably while trekking and hiking.

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This is a top-loading rucksack featuring a drawstring opening which makes work easier for loading and unloading things. It has sufficient storage for your tools, accessories and day to day gears. It has four compartments and two zipped pockets which can occupy almost anything you might need on your go.

This rucksack is perfect for Air travel as well as for short 3-4 days campings. 

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Loved our top picks? You might have some suggestions about your choices of rucksacks products. Let us know in comments and we will surely try to update our posts for any new comings.

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