10 Best True Wireless Earphones Under Rs 5000 in India (2020)
True Wireless Earbuds are the newest tech trend people loved. The industry has managed to make everything almost wire-free. A lot of top brands have come up with new wireless earphones with promising features and long-lasting battery. 

Some might sale above 10,000 Rs. but looking at the Indian budget, there are also few available in the range of 5000 Rs. with similar top-notch features. 

We have summed up some of the amazing tried and tested earbuds which will surely serve your purpose well around 5000 Rs. And if you are still confused why should you go for truly wireless earbuds read further. 

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Why buy True Wireless Earbuds?

1. As the name suggests, these earphones bring a true wireless listening experience without having to tangle wires around your neck. You work completely wire-free. 

2. With normal earphones, you need to use both the earpieces and yes it takes excess battery without need. With true wireless earbuds, you have option to use even one piece in-ear to take calls and listen to things, thus saving battery life.

3. Most of the earbuds have a charging case, and thus you don't have to worry about losing them. You can easily carry them wherever you want and keep in your pocket or bag.

4. People engaged in a workout, running and traveling regular earphones becomes a annoying stuff. They keep of falling often or tangles around themselves. 

True wireless earphones make work super smooth and convenient. You can completely focus on your work without thinking about those wires all the time.

5. It is true that the latest wireless earbuds come with the latest Bluetooth technology and consumes very low energy to run. That is the reason, companies are promising on hours of battery life and with the charging case, work becomes even more reliable. 

6. The True Wireless Earbuds come with the latest smart technology, controlled by touch and voice in most cases and packed with the latest amazing features to keep you entertained all the time. 

How we picked these products?

We honestly select products depending upon their performance and check if they are worth considering. Right from their ergonomics, sound quality to their battery performance, we keep everything on our checklist. We also rate the products higher based on their additional smart features and productivity. 

Not only these, but we also check products online reviews, the number of pieces of the product sold worldwide and what people saying in their own reviews. We also take into account online site's ratings such as Amazon, Flipkart, Wallmart ratings to ensure we are giving products their true scores. 

Once we are satisfied with all those checklists, we look at their price tags to ensure it is listed correctly in our posts so that you can choose the most perfect product depending upon your budget set without breaking your wallet. 

Below is a list of the best true wireless earphones under Rs. 5000 in 2020.

1# CROSSBEATS Urban Wireless in-Ear Earbuds

CROSSBEATS Urban Wireless in-Ear Earbuds

1) Excellent compact ergonomic design with a premium matte finish. Minimum design built again with a safe Charging case. 

2) CrossBeats comes with Bluetooth 5.0 which allows the earbuds to auto pair with each other and also with your last paired smartphone. 

3) IP67 certified and has battery life support for up to 12 hours, which includes 3 charges from its charging case. With fast charging available, you can use them quickly while their battery lasts after 3-4 hrs during the day. 

4) It's in-built microphones make them easier for calling with just tap control and again with lower 60ms latency they are very fast for gaming and watching videos.

5) The CrossBeats Urban support passive noise cancellation and offers excellent thumping bass using its latest drivers. They also support voice assistants such as Google Assistant and Siri.

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2# Blaupunkt BTW01 True Wireless Earbuds
Blaupunkt BTW01 True Wireless Earbuds
1) Coming from a German brand, these Blaupunkt earphones bring a seamless user experience that allows user interaction using light touches on the earbuds.

2) Each earbud unit is tiny allowing them to fit inside your ear quite easily without bothering you with their weight. The ear tips are positioned at 45 degrees for a better fit.

3) On a single charge, the earbuds can individually last for up to 6 hours and their case houses a 590mAh battery. You can use it to charge the earbuds up to 3 times.

4) This pair of true wireless earphones supports high definition audio output. With this feature, you get to enjoy possibly the best audio experience in this range.

5) While you comfortably listen to your favourite tracks, you can summon the voice assistant of your phone equally easily using the touch controls.

Buy at Amazon, Also see Popular other from Blaupunkt

3# CrossBeats Air True Wireless Earbuds

CrossBeats Air True Wireless Earbuds

1) With innovative design and the buds which will surely fit your style, CrossBeats is a brand name for the Indian budget. The earbuds hang a little bit out of your ear but surely add style with its black matte finish.

2) Last year company updated its audio drivers to the latest beryllium series to be able to produce excellent crisp audio sound. This is one of the best sounding devices from the company. 

3) You can easily receive calls using its simple touch controls. Earbuds also support Google Assistant and Siri for voice commands. 

4) Earbuds don't fall out while workouts or running and being water-resistant meaning no worries for water splashes or sweat. Each earbud lasts for 3-4 hours and the case adds 3 more charges making them useful for a whole day without draining issues.

5) With the latest Bluetooth 5.0, sound quality and battery management are excellent. The earbuds also offer voice feedback for related functions. 

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4# Boult Audio AirBass Tru5ive True Wireless Earphones
Boult Audio AirBass Tru5ive True Wireless Earphones
1) Its design is as robust as how mouthful its name is. The Tru5ive is one of the cheapest products on this list. You have the option to use either the ear loops or smaller fins.

2) Designed in the USA, the earphones are made to offer the best fit while being comfortable. You can use the interchangeable fins and tips to find the perfect fit.

3) With 3D acoustics, you can expect fuller sound from these earphones. The company has used neodymium drivers that offer deep bass and the earbuds also ensure passive noise isolation.

4) Boult Audio claims that each of its earbuds can last for up to 6 hours while the dock can provide 3 additional charges. It can stay charged for up to 100 hours.

5) You have the option to use earbud separately for mono audio. It uses Bluetooth 5.0 and is resistant to splashes.

Buy at Amazon, Also see Popular other from Boult Audio

5# Portronics POR-078 Harmonics Twins True Wireless Earphones
Portronics POR-078 Harmonics Twins True Wireless Earphones
1) Portronics is a renowned brand in the Indian electronics space, particularly in the budget segment. This product also offers incredible value as compared to others.

2) While the earbuds are compact for all kids of use cases, the charging dock is also small enough to fit inside your jeans pocket.

3) You can have a fully charged pair of earbuds within 2 hours. They can last for up to 4 hours on a single charge.

4) Thanks to Bluetooth 5.0 LE, this product from Portronics is made much more energy-efficient. The silicone tips at the end also offer a level of noise isolation.

5) The Harmonics Twins offer great audio quality with support for HD output. All this is done without any wires dangling around.

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6# Noise Shots X5 Charge Truly Wireless Earbuds
Noise Shots X5 Charge Truly Wireless Earbuds

1) The USP of these Noise true wireless earphones is its battery life. Each unit can last for up to 3-4 hours while the case has the biggest yet 2200mah battery. It can charge the earbuds for 10 more times. Even better, you can also use it as a power bank.

2) With that battery size, the case naturally is a bit larger. The earbuds themselves are quite small and comfortably sit inside your ears without falling off.

3) Offering an ergonomic fit, you will find three pairs of silicone tips to secure it in place. Plus, you can also use your preferred voice assistant depending on your phone OS.

4) Bluetooth 5.0 allows for enhanced connectivity features and stability. The product is rated IPX5 making it sweat and splash-proof.

5) It is available in a total of four color options and comes with 1 year of warranty.

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7# Skullcandy Sesh True Wireless
Skullcandy Sesh True Wireless
1) The brand with reputation with a product for those on a budget. It has truly wireless design which looks very high end. 

2) These are water and dust resistant meaning you don't have to worry all the time while workout, running etc.

3) Easy charging case ensures multiple charging on the go, and keep them safe all the time. 

4) Its LED indicators are very helpful to see how much battery remaining and if need quick recharging. 

5) Touch controls are pretty simple, call taking need single click, volume up/down needs double click, voice assistant requires triple click, skipping track requires presssing and holding and so on. All these tips are menitoned in their manual. 

6) The Skullcandy Sesh use Bluetooth 5.0 technology for pairing and support only the basic SBC audio codec for audio transfer. 

7) Looking at audio performance, skullcandy does very well job, but for higher volume listeners may see some overbearing. Earbuds runs for 3 contineous hours on single charge and adds more 5-6 hours on charging case making total 10 hours of playtime. 

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8# Hammer Solo 2.0 True Wireless Earbuds
Hammer Solo 2.0 True Wireless Earbuds
1) Interestingly, this pair is available in two options—one with a lid for its case and another without it. Of course, go for the one with a lid.

2) The earbuds themselves are designed according to match a human ear’s shape and fit inside it properly. Its angled tips are perfectly positioned for that purpose.

3) You can rest assured about audio quality with the use of Bluetooth 5.0 which ensures extended range and better audio transmission.

4) This model too supports HD stereo sound that should be enough to suffice the audiophile in you. They are simple to pair and don’t take more than a couple of steps.

5) Each charge of these earbuds can give you a battery life of 2-4 hours. Plus, you’ve additional charges using the case that should be last for a full day.

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9# Mivi Duopods M40 True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds

Mivi Duopods M40 True Wireless

1) You just need to set these true wireless earphones only once and they will automatically connect with each other and your device. When you’re done, they will disconnect in a similar fashion.

2) For their budget pricing, what you’re getting is a 6-hour battery life from each earbud while the casing can ensure a total runtime of 24 hours.

3) Mivi has a pretty established audio quality across all its audio products and this one is no different. These earbuds can offer you deep bass-filled music while you’ll equally enjoy vocals and highs.

4) All the controls that you might need while calling or listening to music are placed on the earbuds itself. It uses a touch-based interface for all your interactions.

5) Both the case and the earbuds are compact enough for carrying around and are IPX5 rated.

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10# WeCool Moonwalk X True Wireless Earbuds
WeCool Moonwalk X True Wireless

1) Apart from being designed to attract attention, the LED rings on both the earbuds let you know the charging status. The case has its own set of indicators.

2) The case holds a 1000mAh battery that can charge these bds within an hour and a half. IT can charge them 10 times for a total playback time of 50 hours.

3) For a clear sound with a stereo effect, the earphone uses Bluetooth 5.0 for improved transmission. You can also choose to use it in mono also using a single earbud.

4) Compatible with both Google Assistant and Siri, you can rest assured of convenience. They are comfortable to fit in your ear and have an IPX5 rating for water resistance.

5) WeCool has specifically included features to makes its bass thump. With the support for HD sound output, you can expect clear across genres.

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bonus# TAGG ZeroG True Wireless Earphones
TAGG ZeroG True Wireless Earphones
1) In one-of-a-kind case, each earbud of these TAGG earphones has two drivers packed inside such a small housing. The two dynamic drivers work together to offer an exceptional music listening experience.

2) For sure, these earphones have an elegant design with a shiny black finish. Their case also shares the same finish. At their ends, the dual drivers are visible through a see-through section.

3) Including the battery of the earbuds and their case, you can have a total of 35 hours of music playback time.

4) TAGG ZeroG uses Bluetooth 5.0 for better range and has a Qualcomm cVc 8.0 built-in allowing it to offer passive noise cancellation.

5) Noise cancellation also works when taking or making calls. It uses beamforming from its microphone to precisely capture your voice.

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