10 Best Vacuum Cleaners Under Rs.5,000 in India 2020
Vacuum Cleaner can make our life much easier as far as home cleaning is a priority. A good vacuum cleaner is powerful, lightweight and effective on different surfaces. With hundreds of brands surfacing on the internet and buying sites, it is difficult to decide which one is good quality and which is sufficient for your purpose. 

A vacuum cleaner will keep your house away from dust, particles and mostly we know them from long. We have tested top vacuum cleaners keeping especially the price in mind which will fit into your budget. 

Why Buy a Vaccum Cleaner?

In today's electronics gadgets era saving time while doing most of the necessary work is key to an efficient lifestyle. A good vacuum cleaner will do this job effortlessly and you will save a lot of your energy. And you must have also noticed in recent times, such gadgets have increased in the market as every household trying to get it. 

They not only save a lot of manual labor but do cleaning efficiently. If you were thinking of buying a new one or changing your old ageing cleaner, we have some of the best budget suggestions for you.

Top 10 Best Vacuum Cleaners Under Rs. 5000 in India

1. Eureka Forbes Trendy Nano 

Eureka Forbes Trendy Nano
Eureka Forbes is one of the best brands for household products. Their Trendy Nano vacuum cleaner has a modern sophisticated design which again adds to the aesthetics of your house.

It comes with pretty easy tangle-free cables to give you the best cleaning experience without any hassle. It has 5 stage filtration process and there is a second small brush attachment for added use.

It has a 1000 Watt powerful motor which is enough to suck dust swiftly and comes with a dust-filled indicator. Moreover, it comes with an additional four attachments besides the dust bag. You can instantly order one online with a warranty of one year. 

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2. Karcher WD1/MV1 

Karcher WD1/MV1 Vacuum Cleaner
With some industrial look and yet simple operation Karcher Vacuum cleaner is a powerful choice. It has an ergonomic design that allows you to stand straight and work easily. 

It is a compact designed and a lightweight vacuum cleaner makes it move easily around while cleaning your room. It has large 15-liter storage capacity and uses German technology to provide you the best cleaning experience.

Its 1000 Watt motor makes the work super-efficient all its life without any issues. If you are looking for a long-lasting vacuum cleaner with a budget into consideration, Karcher's WD1/MV1 is a strong choice.

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3. Philips FC8082/01

Philips FC8082/01 Vacuum Cleaner

Philips is a great brand for years. The Philips FC8082 / 01 is a modern-looking powerful vacuum cleaner that is small and compact but enough to handle all the cleaning in your house efficiently.

It has 180 Watt suction motor which is enough to clean most of the dust and other particles easily. It comes with 1.5 liters capacity and has three accessories to add in its functionality.

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This vacuum cleaner comes with a 2-year warranty and the complete package will cost you around 5000 rs. If you are looking compact branded budget vacuum cleaner, Philips's FC8082 / 01 is a great bargain.

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4. Black & Decker VH-801

Black & Decker VH-801 Vacuum Cleaner
For those who want to make things super compact and fast, Black & Decker, a trusted brand has this compact powerful gadget for you. 

This is a handheld vacuum cleaner with 800 Watt motor that is enough to clean your households such as sofa, mattress, carpet, bed, computers and anything you want to reach for cleaning.

This cleaner weighs just 1.9 kgs and has 0.9 Liters of storage capacity which is just about right for your routine cleaning work. 

This vacuum cleaner comes with four attachments that add into its functionality and make it a versatile cleaner. At this price range, this is a highly recommended cleaner.

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5. Black & Decker VH780

Black & Decker VH780

Our next recommendation is again from Black & Decker which is a VH780 vacuum cleaner. With the convenience of a handheld cleaner and functionalities of a full-sized one, this one is the best option. 

It comes with as many as 14 different accessories to make your cleaning the perfect one. Just change its attachments and its ready for various purposes depending upon the area and things around.

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With the powerful blowing function, the cleaner can nicely inflate mattresses and rafts. You can use this function to clean your house areas as well. 

It is a bagless product and assures it remains clean from inside too. With this price range, VH780 is a strong choice for many.

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6. Panasonic MC-DL201

Panasonic MC-DL201

This Vacuum cleaner is from India's popular brand Panasonic and it has truly great features that make it appear in this list. This again is another handheld cleaner with a normal cleaning function with suction as well as a blower one.

It comes with many accessories and has a bagless design. Its cleaning container is easily accessible and you can see inside if it is full and need to clean. 

It has an extension want along wit a floor nozzle and a 2-way nozzle. The overall quality of the product and its accessories are truly trustworthy and make it last longer. It is 700 Watt cleaner and much suitable for its price range.

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7. American Micronic AMI-VC1-10Dx 

American Micronic AMI-VC1-10Dx

This model is an imported one in the Indian market with budget pricing and attractive specs that are matching to a large vacuum cleaner. With a free upholstery and crevice nozzle, this American made vacuum cleaner is a strong buy. 

With its 1000 watt motor, it is super easy to suck all the dust and dirt from the floor and household items. The company offers a warranty even though it is imported so you don't have to worry about its durability.

It has a reusable dust bag that can hold up to 2 liters of dust. You get three attachments with this product. American Micronic is the best budget choice of many.

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8. American Micronic

American Micronic AMI-VC1-10LDx-B

American Micronic has made its products appear twice in our top picks due to their features and the budget pricing. 

This vacuum cleaner from the company is similar to the above-mentioned model and has all those features included in it or any other vacuum cleaner has in general. 

The company offers free home pickup and delivery service as a part of the warranty and makes the overall process easier for you. 

It comes with a powerful 1000 Watt motor which can handle all the cleaning work. Looking at its cleaver features and in budget pricing, this model is a great buy. 

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9. Karcher WD 3

Karcher WD 3 Vacuum Cleaner

As mentioned earlier, Karcher modes have more industrial rugged look and they work in a similar way too. It is a heavy-duty cleaner that takes all the home cleaning load smoothly. 

Interestingly this cleaner can work on both wet and dry surfaces which are impossible with other cleaners and this is its unique selling point of this model.

This vacuum cleaner is made with German technology and equipped with a 1000 Watt motor which provides efficient usage and it has 17 liters of dust storage capacity. It also comes with number of attachments which makes it versatile for home use.   

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10. Panasonic MC-CG303

Panasonic MC-CG303 Vacuum Cleaner

Another great product from Panasonic in our list due to its cool features. It is one of the powerful vacuum cleaners with 1400 Watts motor.

With this powerful motor, cleaning becomes extremely smooth without any issues or lag. Its suction power is rated at 400 Watts which is sufficient for the regular household needs.

Its cool features include its air dust catcher, included blower. You can also clean your house area with this cleaner like garage, lawn and surrounding premise area. 

The company gives a year warranty on this cleaner and it is one of the best products we recommend for your regular need. 

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We have selected these models considering their qualities and especially price in mind. If you have any suggestions let us know in the comments below. We are constantly updating our top lists if any new products come in.

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