10 Best Inverters For Home in India 2021
Load shedding is unavoidable in certain areas and countries like India it's horrible. Why risk your valuable electronics devices and waste time in dark doing nothing? 

There are various power backup technologies that help up stay lighted. To cope up with those dire situations, we have inverter technology that can do the rest at a much affordable cost.

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Although there are a plethora of inverter brands available in an Indian market, very few actually solve the purpose again at your budget. It is really hard to find a sweet spot when looking at a particular one among hundreds online. This is why we have done that tedious work and shortlisted the best ones for you.

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Our picks will surely convenience you in terms of their quality and price point. In this post, we have summed up some of the best inverters their features, pros, and cons and surely you will be able to pick the right one to buy. 

Comprehensive reviews of the best inverter in India are as follows - 

So let's dive in …

1. Luminous Zelio+ 1100/1700 Home Pure Sinewave UPS Inverter
Luminous Zelio+ 1100 Home Pure Sinewave UPS Inverter
For Indians, Luminous is a recognizable brand. They are mainstream for offering different power solutions. This is additionally in an inverter from Luminous. If you like this brand, they have a series of great inverter products for us.  

Above all else, there are two varieties of this inverter. The primary variety accompanies an appraised power of 756 watts (model 1100) and the subsequent form accompanies an evaluated power of 1200 watts (model 1700). 

The cost of the Luminous Zelio 1700 is somewhat higher than the Zelio 1100 model. 

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Be that as it may, both of these models accompany a great deal of comparable valuable highlights. For example, you will get impede, profound release security and that's only the tip of the iceberg. This inverter can be utilized with a solitary battery. 

It can bolster different sorts of batteries, for example, tall tubular, VRLA, and even Flat Plate ones. In any case, you will require a battery with a 12V limit. Else, it won't work. 

This inverter can be utilized to control up various electric machines on the double. For example, you can control up 3 tube lights, 4 CFL lights, 1 LED TV, 3 roof fans, and 1 air cooler, and so on at the same time with this inverter. This is only an expected model. 

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In actuality, you can utilize it for additional machines on the double. Once more, with the Zelio 1700 model, the limit would increment not surprisingly. That is the reason, on the off chance that you need an inverter from a rumored organization with extraordinary highlights and capacities, the Luminous Zelio+ 1100 would be an incredible decision. 

Some of the great features include - 

It's a 32 piece DSP processor which makes the progress from DC to AC quicker than expected 
It has a LED show which shows the battery reinforcement time in hours and minutes 
Comes with an electrolyte level marker, it will shine when it needs battery water 
The info mains are secured through MCB 
Accompanies sidestep switch also 
It is a sine wave inverter which implies it is practically quiet 

Pros - 

Enables different security framework set up; which are profound release, over-burden, switch extremity, cut off 
No murmuring sound from delicate machines as a result of the sine wave yield 
Comes with 2 years of guarantee and 10 days of discount offer accessible 
It weighs just 10 kgs 
Pleasant looking and strong form quality 

Cons - 

The bypass switch is manual

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2. APC Home UPS 850VA Sine Wave BI850SINE
APC Home UPS 850VA Sine Wave BI850SINE
APC is prestigious for its quality electrical appliances. The APC 850VA Sine Wave inverter is an incredible case of that. With this inverter, you are getting a lot of supportive highlights. 

It is structured particularly for the Indian climate and force conditions. On this, it is short out verification, youngster evidence and even shockproof. 

This is an unadulterated sine wave inverter. Along these lines, it would be ideal for any touchy electrical apparatuses. 

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You can go through it to enable day to day apparatuses like TVs, home theater, gaming gear, sound system sets, and air cooler, and so on. Simultaneously, it tends to be utilized as a reinforcement for ordinary things like lights, and fans. 

However, utilizing it to back up your PC would be the best use for this one. It can without much of a stretch handle machines which require power up to 500 watts. It accompanies LED markers which show the force status of the inverter. 

You can utilize this inverter with tall tubular or level plate batteries which have 80 Ah to 180 AH rating. Recollect you can just utilize each battery in turn with this. Along these lines, in the event that you need a modest yet dependable inverter, at that point, you can go with this one. 

Some of the great features include - 

It is reasonable for single 12V inverter battery 
Ideal for Indian cruel climatic condition 
The yield power limit is 850V/500 watts 
Battery revive is very quick and reinforcement is longer 
Stun confirmation, kid verification, and ideal for utilizing as a PC UPS 
Accompanies LED markers for battery level, etc 

Pros - 

Easy to arrangement 
Supports practically all the well-known sorts of batteries 
Exceptionally lightweight and thin; won't take a lot of room 
Accompanies 2 years of guarantee 
Unadulterated Sine wave inverter diminishes the murmuring commotion from specific machines 
Accompanies an excursion switch at the back 

Cons - 

500 watts yield probably won't be sufficient for big houses

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3. Exide 850Va Pure Sinewave Home Ups Inverter – Digital Display
Exide 850Va Pure Sine wave Home Ups Inverter
Exide is another renowned organization in India. They produce batteries, particularly for the Indian market. Matter of certainty, they know all the intricate details of the Indian market. Along these lines, their inverters are well known among Indian individuals. For instance, the Exide Pure Sine Wave inverter (850Va) is fabricated remembering the difficult power situations of India. 

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This is a UPS inverter. That implies it will begin when the basic power supply is cut off. Along these lines, it is ideal for PCs backup. That way, you won't lose any running work needed to be done. 

This one has an LCD display which shows the condition of the charge and voltage of the battery. Alongside that, it likewise shows the input voltage and the actual load associated with the rate. In addition, it likewise shows admonitions if there is an over-burden or if the wire is blown. 

This inverter comes with a DSP innovation technology. That suggests that it has a quick chip which guarantees that you are getting matrix quality force in any event, when there is a force blackout. 

The Auto Sense Intelligent Control or ASIC innovation can naturally comprehend the battery power condition. Furthermore, it can likewise change the charging current as per that. Generally speaking, on the off chance that you need a flexible UPS inverter in India, at that point the Exide 850Va Pure Sinewave Home Ups Inverter can be a top pick. 

Some of the great features include -  

Comes with essential protective measures 
Has a copper transformer 
Has an advanced LCD display for demonstrating all the vital data about the inverter and the battery state 
Comes with an implicit cooling fan, which works naturally when required 
Accompanies a bypass switch 
Comes with a digital signal microprocessor

Pros - 

Shock-proof, short-circuit proof and sturdy build quality
Exceptionally modest cost for the worth 
Accompanies 2 years of guarantee 
The change after some time is under 10 ms 
Has 3 markers for understanding its modes and battery water level with only a look from the distance
Perfect with practically a wide range of tall tubular and level plate batteries 

Cons - 

The bypass switch isn't programmed

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4. Microtek Ups Sebz 1100 VA Pure Sinewave Inverter
Microtek Ups Sebz 1100 VA Pure Sine wave Inverter
Microtek has been a commonly recognized name in the power battery industry in India. Along these lines, you must have heard this brand most of the time related to inverters on various channels. Microtek has a great deal of value electrical products in the market. Be that as it may, the best thing about their item is moderateness. 

They don't put a significant expensive tag on their items like some other large names in the business. 

The Microtek 1100Va unadulterated sine wave UPS inverter is likewise a sensibly valued inverter. 

Despite the fact that the inverter is cheap, it has some alluring highlights. For instance, it can yield a power output of 760 watts. What's more, it accompanies a keen over-burden detecting innovation. 

In this way, there will be no issue during high voltage variance. It bolsters practically a wide range of batteries which has a force rating of 100 Ah to 180 Ah. You can utilize just a single battery with this one without a moment's delay. It is an unadulterated sine wave inverter, which implies it won't make any irritating commotion while driving up fans and other delicate apparatuses. 

Some of the great features include -  

Accompanies a voltage choice switch, you can work it either in a standard voltage scope of 100V~300V or limited voltage scope of 180Volts to 260 Volts 
Has built-in protection for deep discharging and overcharging
Has overload and short circuit protection
The yield output is 760 watts 
Its rated capacity is 960Va 

Pros -  

Comes with 2 years of authentic guarantee 
Can work in numerous voltage ranges 
Energy efficacy is more than 80% 
Supports a wide scope of batteries from the Indian market 
Unadulterated sin wave innovation makes it silent 
Modest cost at this point excellent item 

Cons - 

Does not have a bypass switch
There is no pointer for indicating battery rate 
They put an inappropriate VA rating in the name. The capacity is really 950Va, not 1100 VA 

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V-Guard Prime 1150 UPS Inverter
V-Guard is again a notable brand in the electrical products. This excellent brand from India is progressively well known for its inverter and UPS line-up. This item is an unadulterated computerized sine-wave yield UPS that comes with all the advanced features as far as convenience, security, and assurance. This is essentially an 800 W rock-solid inverter and is good with any rounded battery inside 80-230 Ah. 

It can give continuous power over the entirety of your household things like TVs, fridges, coolers, stacks, music framework, fans, and so on even on power blackouts. Additionally comes with a special switch which is to suit inverter fridge compatibility. 

You can without much of a stretch utilize this with all your advanced gadgets as it accompanies a High-Performance Selection Switch. This can basically give more force, execution, and security in the event that you load this inverter with numerous apparatuses in your home. Contingent upon the battery limit, you can expect battery energizing time of near 10-12 hours. 

The general structure is fairly traditional and like other sine wave UPS frameworks. This UPS has a level structure alongside a major LED show board for notices and alarms. The item accompanies 2 years of guarantee directly out of the case. 

Some of the great features include - 

Battery water besting update: There is an exceptional battery water beating alert in order to forestall any problems that are very regular with typical inverters. 

Battery Gravity Builder: This element really improves the life span and wellbeing of your battery. 

Double mode activity: one is the typical mode for residential use and UPS mode for PC utilization. 

Protection: Provides security against over-burden, hamper, high and low mains, battery profound release/cheat, temperature and so forth. 

Quiet Buzzer Option: Comes with an application with the assistance of which you can totally quiet alarms, blares, and ringers. 

Verdict -

On the off chance that you need a low force utilization and uncompromising inverter for your home, this V-Guard sine wave yield UPS can be a strong decision. Being a sine wave inverter, this is better than different inverters as far as by and large execution and insurance. 

With double mode activity, High-Performance Selection Switch, battery water top-up update and other helpful highlights, this is an intense contender to beat. Club it with a decent battery and you are a great idea to go! The valuing is a piece on the higher side, yet the highlights and generally speaking ease of use is praiseworthy. 

Pros - 

Enormous LED show alongside video and sound markers 
Prevalent execution over every single home appliance
Valuable support update like battery top-up 
Execution determination switch 
All out assurance against floods, over-burdens and so on 
Great form quality 

Cons -  

A few reports on visit irritating alerts
Service is poor

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Amaron Hi Back Up Pure Sine Wave UPS

In case you're searching for a well designed and stylish inverter for home or office at a sensible value, the Amaron Hi Backup Up Pure Sinewave Inverter is a great option.  

Being an unadulterated sine-wave inverter and takes a shot at 704 W and 880 VA limit, it offers brilliant power backup for all apparatuses which are running with this inverter. Get help from bleak, damp and dormant force cuts with this inverter, as the inverter permits the machines to run for a very long time. 

Accompanies easy to use LED signs for simple activity and a battery back up of 4 hours. This item accompanies 2 years guarantee alongside the compact size of around 12 x 12 x 8 cm and weighs around 8.2 kg. 

Some of the great features include - 

Quiet Operation: It totally accompanies a silent activity and moves quietly to the battery mode rapidly after it detects the force cut. Indeed, even you won't notice power cuts. 

Re settable: This inverter runs on sine-wave innovation in which the gadget accompanies visual pointers and framework over-burden caution that alarms you when there is an over-burden and consequently gets reset the inverter naturally. 

Copper Transformer: The inverter with copper transformer will improve the life span of the inverter by upgrading the battery back-up and in this manner diminishes the force utilization. 

Speedy Charge/Power Saving: With unadulterated sine-wave yield, the inverter can be charged productively and rapidly. Here the battery accompanies high force factor and consequently diminishes the amount of intensity expected to charge the battery (12V and bolsters 180 AH). Additionally, it cautions you when there is a low battery signal. 

Sidestep Switch: The blown wire alert assurance of the inverter will make it move consequently to sidestep switch for nonstop force supply and accordingly to distinguish and correct the issue. 

Shrewd I-DSP Technology: This innovation assists with conveying the unadulterated sine-wave yield and along these lines ensure the electric devices. 

Special I-charge Technology: This component is utilized to upgrade the battery life in which you can pick the fast charge or ordinary charge mode according to the recurrence of intensity cuts in your general vicinity. 

Assurance: Provides insurance to the inverter against shortcircuits and over-burden. 

Verdict - 

In case you're spending monstrosity and searching for a sharp and incredible inverter either for your home or office use, this Amaron will suits best for you because of its great highlights like unadulterated sine wave innovation, iDSP innovation, brisk charging mode, brilliant transformer and easy to use LED signs. It comes at a reasonable cost with all the fundamental highlights for by and large execution and insurance. 

Pros - 

Great constructed quality
The over-load alarm will ensure the inverter by resetting it consequently
Copper transformer to improve the life span of inverter and battery reinforcement 
Speedy charging and less power consumption

Cons - 

Detailed customer care issues.

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7) Microtek UPS Hybrid Sinewave Inverter

Microtek UPS Hybrid Sinewave Inverter 950va
The Microtek UPS half and half (HB) inverter is an unrivaled item which accompanies exquisite and ergonomic plan. It is solid and dependable that can be utilized for both home and expert. 

It is an unadulterated sine-wave inverter with half and half innovation and made with plastic material. It accompanies a 12 VDC battery framework with 950 VA appraised limits and 760 W yield power. 

This inverter framework is perfect with all AC electronic gadgets and for frequent fluctuations. The Microtek stabilizer gives elite force sparing innovation and in this manner makes it energy effective. 

This inverter accompanies 2 years guarantee and supports battery choice for level plate and rounded battery type (underpins up to 220 AH and 12V). It won't accompany battery and it has 5 – 6 hours of incredible battery back-up. It accompanies measurements of 35.6 X 51.6 X 38.1 cm and weighs about 9.8 kg and has copper transformer winding. 

Some of the great features include - 

Crossover Technology: This half breed innovation will work the inverter silent and upgrade better execution with longer reinforcements and battery life. 

IBGM Technology: Intelli Battery Gravity Management innovation will build battery life and its exhibition by keeping upright battery gravity. 

Sidestep Switch: Used to give a constant stockpile even if there should arise an occurrence of UPS disappointment. 

PWM Technology: Pulse Width Modulation will give the consistent yield voltage regardless of the heap for assurance of apparatus. The PWM controlled multistage ATM (programmed stream mode) charging. 

Computerized Display: The propelled 7 fragments advanced presentation will show both info and yield voltage. 

Verdict - 

This Microtek inverter accompanies best in execution and quality with a single battery framework. This fabricated quality is acceptable with different highlights like an advanced showcase, IBGM and cross breed advances which makes it exceptionally effective inverter and subsequently gives the best an incentive for your cash. 

Pros - 

It is tough and dependable. 
It cut the framework supply consequently while power cuts and changes. 
Conveys the unadulterated sine-wave yield. 
Accompanies half breed, IBGM and PWM controlled innovations. 
Charge the battery by exchanging with methods of a standard of 10 Amps and quick charging (14 Amps). 

Cons -  

The battery back-up isn't sufficient. 
Somewhat loud while working.

Buy at Amazon, Flipkart

8) Luminous 2 Kva UPS Inverter

Luminous Cruze 2KVA Inverter

As far as inverters are considered, Luminous is one of the worldwide pioneers. They are known to give present-day highlight rich power backup solutions. Also, this one is no special case! This thorough advanced digital sine wave output system is an extremely amazing one. 

With 1600 Watts/2000 Va of evaluated power, this is an ultra rock-solid inverter that requirements twofold battery support. 

It can without much of a stretch run substantial burdens like geysers, air conditioners, fridges, and can be utilized for business purposes. It accompanies Adaptive Battery charging control system innovation, named as ABCC. 

This really upgrades battery life and offers quicker battery charging. Alongside that, it offers total security from surges, shortcircuits, battery overcharge or deep charge and reverse polarity and so on. 

You can expect a full battery revive time of 10-12 hours at least. Yet, remember, the batteries are not furnished with the bundle. Regarding the plan, this one is massive and clearly loads higher than ordinary inverters. The organization offers 2 years of guarantee with this item. 

Some of the great features include - 

Great Display: Clear presentation indicating battery level, charging, mains accessibility, alarms, and notices. 

Propelled battery management: Comes with ABCC for improved battery life and execution. 

Canny Battery Charging: ABCC additionally helps in smart battery charging which thus supports battery execution. 

Quiet activity: Thanks to an unadulterated sine wave yield, it offers silent activity and expanded assurance on completely associated machines. 


In the event that you need a genuine hardcore inverter and wouldn't fret going through a touch of cash, this Luminous 2 Kva UPS inverter can be a decent decision. The 1600 watts of intensity are adequate for substantial burden machines and it tends to be even utilized for business foundations also. 

Remember; you will require 2 batteries evaluated between 120 Ah – 220 Ah to control this inverter. Generally speaking, a basic yet viable inverter with shrewd battery charging and the excellent battery management! 

Pros - 

Amazingly ground-breaking 1600 watts/2000 Va of power
ABCC innovation for improved battery life and charging 
Complete security against surges/overloads  
Silent activity 
2 years guarantee 

Cons -

High priced

Buy at Amazon, Flipkart

9) Luminous Zolt 1100 Sine Wave Home UPS Inverter
Luminous Zolt 1100 Sine Wave Home UPS Inverter
Luminous Power Technologies is an Indian organization established in 1988. Their first inverter was made in 1991. The organization got a few honors and rewards. It is the power products and electrical pioneer. 

Additionally, their items are traded to various global parts. Rundown of their items incorporate UPS and Inverter, inverter batteries, stabilizers, fans, lighting, wires, switches. 

Luminous 1100 Sine Wave inverter works in double mode Eco/UPS. UPS mode guarantees the security of machines like a PC while Eco mode voltage goes is broadened, and battery utilization is diminished. 

In-fabricated security caution to caution in shortcircuits, overcharging, low battery, and so forth. Presently, you can secure your apparatuses against issues. 

Some of the great features include - 

The inverter depends on sine wave innovation 
It accompanies an LCD that shows battery type, charging time, Eco/UPS mode, framework issue, backup time, battery level indicator 
A one of a kind element of MCB assurance is given that helps in shortcircuits, against machines shortcoming because of fluctuating power
A wellbeing caution is given which cautions in shortcircuits, low battery, when a battery is over-loaded, wrong wiring 
Additionally, it incorporates a bypass switch that permits direct power supply from principle to family unit in issues with no adjustment in the wiring 
Double mode Eco/UPS activity 

Pros - 

Excellent product quality
Productive performance
It is silent 

Cons -

Display time is not so good

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Su-Kam Falcon Eco 1000Va Sine Wave Inverter
'Su-Kam' is one of the well-praised inverter organizations in India since 1998. They make more than 200 products while documented 100+ licenses. 

Su-Kam Falcon Eco 1000Va is a sleek, reasonable, and brilliant inverter. It is a single battery sine wave inverter that can work as an inverter and off-grid solar system. It can charge batteries utilizing the force network just as sunlight based. It is a half breed inverter that can function as inverter and UPS. It can even work effectively in territories where Voltage is low since it can charge the battery at low info as well. 

Some of the great features include - 

Give the sine wave as an output. 
Yield Voltage and Frequency – 220/220 
Furnished with the six-stage battery charging 
A year guarantee. 
Eco Mode – permit charging during exceptionally low voltage 
Has 6 phase battery charging innovation expands generally speaking charging productivity of the battery that outcomes in a 30% expansion in battery life. 
Brilliant LED board that highlights five markers 
Change after some time as low as 8 ms. 

Pros - 

Can be utilized in the territory where low voltage is an issue 
Right around zero changeover time permits it to use with delicate contraptions like PC, switches, and printers. 
Works with unadulterated sine wave innovation which permits this inverter to work with no clamor. 
At the point when associated with SOLARCON-another item from Su-Kam can be charged with solar power as well

Cons - 

Need to buy the battery independently. 

Buy at Amazon, Flipkart

Final thoughts,

In the event that you need a perfect and most suitable inverter for your specific requests, we trust you can discover one from the rundown above. We have studied and noted probably the best inverters for India right now. 

Every one of these choices is not the same as each other and has differences in terms of features and specifications. We have picked them after a brief study that everybody with a curious interest can decide their best fit. 

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Picking the ideal inverters relies upon the prerequisites of yours. In this way, we can't recommend only one of these inverters to you and the choice is yours.

Notwithstanding, on the off chance that a one to highly recommend, we would suggest the Luminous Zelio+ 1100/1700 Pure Sine Wave UPS inverter without a doubt. We trust this survey article will make it simpler to pick your favored inverter. 

Also, remember to leave a comment below in you have any suggestions or queries.

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