Donate To Prime Minister’S National Relief Fund Each INR 100/- Why?
India being the country with the second-largest population has the capability to lead the world if done together. At the time of the world’s biggest crisis, CORONAVIRUS, if you too want to be a contributor, then Donate to Prime Minister National Relief Fund (PMNRF).


Let’s See How Our a bit contribution can create huge differences

Total Population of India: 1,387,297,452

If everyone contributes INR 100/- it means the collection amount will be: INR 138729745200/– IT is one hundred thirty-eight billion seven hundred twenty-nine million seven hundred forty-five thousand two hundred. 

That’s not feasible.

Number of Internet users in India: 564500000

If everyone internet user contributes INR 100/- it means the collection amount will be:  INR 56450000000/- That is fifty-six billion four hundred fifty million

Number of Payment UPI Users in India: 100 Million

As of now, the status of Payment UPI users means they can contribute at least 100 rupee.

So, if each ( 100 million ) user contributes to PM Relief Fund, the amount becomes: 

100000000* 100= INR 10000000000/- ( 10 billion )!!!

That is also a big amount. Let’s realize the power of Unity. 

This money will not only help our country to fight with CORONAVIRUS (COVID-19), but also with poverty,  hunger and potential uncertainties for future conditions. 

Be a bit humble, a bit human, a bit patriot, and contribute a little for the big cause, 
“save India, save humanity”.

Start Donating Donate to Prime Minister Relief Fund Here

PM Relief Fund
You can also CONTRIBUTE through your Paytm App.

Users taking participation in this campaign can send their screenshot as a proof of their contribution in the Comment section of this blog, or Put it in their WhatsApp, Instagram, or Facebook status with this link so as your connections may contribute.

Let’s start the campaign Now with The Proof of Contribution like this

The link provided here is the genuine and official payment link of 'Prime Minister Relief Fund' Website. Don’t find it misguiding, fraud or spamming.

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