Top 10 Best Budget Dishwashers in India (2021)
What is a Dishwasher?

Dishwasher is a mechanical device which help clean your dishes and utensils. It cleverly removes any soilings from your dirty cutlery through cleansing, spraying hot water, rinsing and then drying. All with just a touch of a button. 

Do you need a One?

If you are too tired of your maid's mess, a Dishwasher could be a life saviour or you can simply give yourself a break from doing this manual washing.

Top 10 Best Budget Dishwashers in India

Here are some reasons which will help you decide on buying a dishwasher

Dishwashers are water efficient rather than manual wash with their automatic function

They work effortlessly and save lot of time, you can do other better things

It not only cleans everything but remove germs and batteries as well

Its environment friendly and in-budget household product

They reduce stress and efforts needed from those who often busy in working

Remember these things while buying a Dishwasher

Some of the common thoughts people ask before considering a dishwasher includes: 

How frequently I am going to use it? Do I put all the load at once or in sets? Do I need a portable one or built-in dishwasher?

Before all those questions in mind, one must consider following things before buying a dishwasher:


Always opt for a professional / branded dishwasher and their installer. Its important you redo your counters and see the variety they come in. Most of them are designed to fit into a 35x24 inch cavity. Portable and Free standing dishwashers requires hassle free installation. 

Techical Specifications

Their noise levels should be preferably between 40-50 dB

Types of Racking - Third racks, adjustable or removable racks or Silverware caddies, these are sufficient and does well.

Specialized cleaning systems: It may include options such as steam cleaning, glass care cycle, extra clean cycle or sanitization cycle. All are important at their levels.

You must look for energy efficient options such as soil sensors, half load options, drying cycles and speed or eco wash cycles. Most of the modern Dishwashers have those features in-built.

Water and Energy saving considerations and additional features.

Most of the top brand provide 2 years of warranty on product.

Types of Dishwashers

Along with their technical specifications, the Dishwashers come in various design, finishes and types. Most popular type are of Stainless steel, Glossy and matte. 

A dishwasher can be of a standard size of 18” (6-8 place settings) or 24” (12-14 place settings). 12- 14 place settings dishwashers can have a standard size of 60 cm width, 82 cm height and 60 cm depth, and is sufficient for 4-6 member family. 

Here are some of the types of dishwashers you can install

Free Standing Dishwashers
Fully or Semi Integrated Built-in Dishwashers (Non-portable)

Top 10 best Free Standing Portable Dishwashers

1. Bosch Free Standing Dishwasher SMS60L18IN 
(12 Place Settings)

Bosch is a premium top quality brand when it comes to consumer electronics. Their Dishwasher model SMS60L18IN, with 12 place settings, is a Silver Inox model is best known for its hygienic clensing, electricity saving and automatic program features. 

With 100% lifetime gurantee against water damage and glass protection technology, this is the best you can get from a brand for years to get served. 

Some of the interesting features - 

Eco Silence Drive with Top Shower, Aqua Sensor and Load Sensor
6 Wash Programs, Intensive Kadhai, Auto, Express Sparkle, Eco, Quick and Pre-Rinse at various temperature range.
Stainless Steel Polinox material for Inner Tub
Time Delay feature for 1 - 24 hours
With 70 degree C water heating capacity, each wash kills 99.9% germs

Pros - 

It can effortlessly clean hard stains including masalas, curries and milk burns
Eco Silence Driver feature helps save electricity (1 KW energy consumed per use)
No need to pre-rinse vessels
10 years rust through warranty of dishwasher's Inner Tub

Cons - 

It is not suitable for Non-Stick, Hard Anodised or Aluminium Containers.
Installation takes some delay

Buy at Amazon, Flipkart 

2. IFB Neptune VX Fully Electronic

IFB Neptune VX Fully Electronic

IFB's Free Standing 12 place settings Dishwasher (Neptune VX) is the perfect pick for those who use it on regular basis. Its has energy efficiency of 0.9 kWh. Its Jet Wash mode can help you clean the comparatively less dirty utensils like tea and coffee mugs in shortest time period. 

Some of the Key Features include - 

Water Softening Deice (upto 60dh) optimizes detergent usage
Flexible half load mode and adjustable racks for custom space
Energy efficiency with A++ rating
Only 9L water cosumption
Great 9 Washing programs includes Economic, Hygiene, Normal, Pre-Wash, Quick, Super, Auto-Delicate, Auto Normal and Auto Intensive at various temperature settings.

Pros -

Its a energy saving Dishwasher
It provides better laoding capacity with 4 shelves of upper rack and adjustable racks.
A Jet Washer mode helps to quickly wash of less greasy utensils with a brisk.

Cons - 

Their own detergents are priecy

Buy at Amazon, Flipkart 

3. Bosch Free Standing (White) SMS60L12IN (12 Place Settings)

Bosch Free Standing (White) SMS60L12IN

Another free standing model from Bosch with similar options to previous one with slightly cheaper price range. Compared to the Steel Body in 18IN discussed above, this one comes with white painted body and has a higher water consmpution in Eco mode. Again, the lower tray holds the dishwasher tablet dishwater mechanism in 18IN.

SMS60L12IN is equipped with all the latest features, 12IN is a next bargain to its previous costlier model Silver Inox model. 

Some of the Key Features include - 

Its 6 Wash Programs including Intensive Plus, Normal Express, Auto, Eco, Party and Pre Rinse at various temperature range.
Special options such as Half Load and Vario Eco
2 years Warranty on product and 10 year warranty against rusting.

Pros -

With minor technical advances, it is much cheaper options to Bosch's Silver Inox model.
It has low noise levels
Load Sensor and Half Load option automatically detects the size of the load and subsequently manages water and electricity smartly

Cons - 

Fragile filter is susceptible to damage easily.

Buy at Amazon, Flipkart 

4. LG D1451WF (14 Place Settings)

LG Dishwasher LG D1451WF

If you are looking for more usable space in a compact design, this is a great product for you. It has a great Invertor Direct Direct Driver Motor Technology, which is eco friendly, less noisy (45 dB) and much energy saving. 

Some of the great features include -

Its 5 programs - Dual Wash, Auto, Eco, Gentle and Quick.
1 to 19 hour time delay feature
Special features - LED display, Child Lock, Aqua Stop, Extra Hot, Auto Restart, Refill indicator, Delay Start and Triple Filter.
14 Place Capacity

Pros - 

It has an excellent Invertor Direct Drive Motor Technology help save electricity and comes with a 10 year warranty.
Its Smart Rack system ensures more space and flexibility of use
Great Service available with an Automatic Smart Diagnosis System

Cons - 

Has some higher price tag compared to similar others.

Buy at Amazon, Flipkart

5. IFB Free Standing (Neptune FX) (12 Place Settings) 

IFB Free Standing Neptune FX
IFB free standing 12 place setting Dishwasher Neptune FX is suitable for those who have hard water supply. This Dishwasher gives a tough resistance with its automatic water softening device. 

Some of its notable features - 

Natural Drying System
12 Space capacity with adjustable and foldable design
5 Wash programs which are Auto Delicate, Super 50 min, Auto Intensive, Auto Normal and Prewash

Pros -

Automatic water softening device up to 69 dh increases detergent efficiency
Its heavily soiled program help remove tough stains
It has adjustable and flexible racks.

Cons - 

It is slightly Noisy at 52 dB compared to others.

Buy at Amazon, Flipkart 

6.  Bosch SMS60L02IN (12 Place Setting)

Bosch Dishwasher SMS60L02IN

Bosch this model has an awesome Kadhai 70 program for those who loves heavy cooking. It is perhaps the most suitable Kitchen helping aid. Its Aqua Stop feature checks spillage of water if any and the delay timer help you do pre setting on timer for your preferences of washes.

Some of its great features include - 

6 Wash programs
Adjustable height of top basket and 2 foldable plate racks in the bottom bracket with button suspension
Aqua Stop feature for leakage control
Child lock for every household safety
Delay timer and Loading Sensor included

Pros -

Comes with special LED indicators for salt refill and rinse aid refill
50% Wash cycle time reduction to save energy and time
24 hour time delay option available

Cons - 

Uensils need to be fully socked to get proper cleaning
No Half Load option available
Only 1 year warranty available

Buy at Amazon, Flipkart 

7. Siemens Free Standing SN26L801IN (12 Place Settings) 

Siemens Free Standing SN26L801IN
Siemens Free-Standing 12 place setting Dishwasher is packed with variety of features and currently the most advanced dishwashers in the market. Siemens is one of the top German brands with very few household appliance available and this is one of those. 

From an intelligent and automatic sensing to time and energy saving options, this Dishwasher is a best pick if slightly higher price tag is not your issue. 

Some of its great features include -

6 Washing programs and 3 Wash options
Special sensors such as Aqua Sensor, Load sensor with automatic detergent detection and dosage assist basket
2 year comprehensive  warranty and 10 year anti-rust warranty for inner cavity
Hydro mix glass care protection system for better durability
Automatic reset start technology and IQ drive cleaning technology

Pros - 

Its additional Top Shower and Speedier dishwasher reduces almost up to 60% of the wash cycle time.
It has an efficient detergent and water distribution system ensuring best cleaning
You can even use Plastic dishes in its Eco mode. 
Its Extra Drying system ensures complete finish with no traces of oil or other stains at the end of cycle

Cons - 

Litle bit noisy at 52 dB compared to others.

Buy at Amazon, Flipkart 

8. Siemens Free Standing SN26L201IN (12 Place Settings) 

Siemens Free Standing SN26L201IN
Siemens free standing 12 place setting Dishwasher has amazing built quality and technically its wear free, long life and one of the most efficient product out there. Its Half load and Pre activated Vario speed feature saves time and other features such as Hygiene Plus and the express Sparkle feature does the job in most perfect way. 

Some of its notable features -

7 Segment display with 4 wash temperature and 24 hour triple water protection technology
It has continuous start delay option
It has special Vario Speed and 3 Stage Rackmatic feature
Its Aqua sensing and IQ drive feature ensures adequate detergent, water and electricity usage.

Pros -

Its less noisy with just up to 46dB noise levels
Its 4 Wash programs help in getting all washing needs
Front adjustable feet for easy ergonomic use.

Cons - 

Slightly more energy consumption
No Child safe lock

Buy at Amazon, Flipkart 

9. IFB Free Standing (Neptune WX) (12 Place Settings) 

IFB Free Standing Neptune WX
IFB's free standing Neptune WX model is a slight modification from its previous VX version and its better in terms of energy consumption and overall features. It has adjustable rack, steam drying and heavily soiled program which are some of its great feature.

Some other notable features include -

Its 9 Wash programs as Crystal, Crockery, Expresses, Heavy Soiled, Extra heavy soiled, Mix Load, Pots, Energy Saver and Pre-Wash
It is flexible and provide hard load water softening
It has adjustable Racks
Comes with 2 years of warranty
Steam drying and extra heavily soiled program follows 3 stages to remove the last stain particle on your utensils.

Pros - 

It has wide range of automatic wash programs for your best washing needs
Its 3 in 1 wash option with detergent, salt and rinse aid ensures perfect cleaning
Great ergonomic support due to its adjustable height of racks.

Cons -  

High water consumption at 22.7 Liters and with slightly larger noise levels at 52dB compared to others.

Buy at Amazon, Flipkart 

10. Elica WQP12- 7605V SS (12 Place Settings, Silver)

Elica WQP12- 7605V SS

Elica WQP12-7605B SS is one of the best heavy duty and cheapest Dishwashers our there. It could be the preferred dishwasher brand for many Indian homes. The 12 place setting can load cutlery of different shapes and sizes and has very basic controls which are easy to understand.

Some of its great features include -

5 Wash programs such as Intensive, Rapid, Pocket Handle, Eco and Quick
Easy touch Key controls
Efficient 1 hour wash cycle

Pros - 

The cheapest free-standing Dishwasher available in Indian market
Its Easy to use due to easy controls
Efficient energy and water consumption

Cons - 

Comes with only 1 year of warranty
Need soaking of utensils for prior washing
Moderate Drying efficiency compared to others

Buy at Amazon

Which dishwasher do you use ? Are you satisfied with customer service ?

If you have an suggestions do let us know in below comments.

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