16 Best Egg Boilers in India (2021) - Our Top Picks
Non-vegetarians love Eggs than anything else and boiling them is no rocket science. However, boiling an egg instantly is a tedious task. Especially when you are looking for a perfectly soft boiled or hard-boiled egg. Having an Egg boiler quickly solves this issue. Most of the egg boilers have the one-touch option, easy to operate features to go quickly with its next recipe. 

Here is some quick info for Egg Boilers:

Mode - Most of them come in three modes. Hard, soft, and medium. These also provide you the option of setting the mode through water level. 

Capacity - It is important to know how many eggs can be boiled at once. Normally these come with five to seven eggs capacity. 

Type of Egg Boilers - It can be countertop and microwave type. Countertop boilers are like cookers and have a top opening. Microwave boilers are non-electric and need Microwave Oven. 

Cooking Time - Soft Egg boilers take around five minutes at 1000w microwave, take six minutes in an 800w microwave, and seven to eight minutes in 600w microwave. This must be no big issue for most of the households and difference is not too much. 
Best Egg Boilers in India

Best Egg Boilers in India 2020 Reviewed

Kent Electric Egg Boiler

Kent Electric Egg Boiler

1) Kent is a well known top brand in Indian consumers especially for their water purifiers, Their Egg Boiler machine comes with the same quality. 

2) Those who have no or very little time for egg boiling, these egg boilers are a true gift for them as it will take just 3 to 5 minutes to completely cook it.

3) With three easy modes as Hard, soft, or medium you can easily set the desired just with simple settings. There is also automatic overheat protection just in case it is necessary. 

4) Just place the eggs in the designed slots, pour the appropriate amount of water and close the lid. The process will automatically finish and close the power once done. The small pin present in the measuring cup help in breaking the egg after it is boiled. 

5) It is made up of high-quality stainless steel which will surely last for long years. It comes with a great one year warranty to keep you worry-free for its operations.

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Simxen Electric Egg Boiler

Simxen Electric Egg Boiler
1) The SimXen Egg Boiler with an Electric Automatic off switch can boil up to 7 eggs in a single. Designed similar to Jannat electric egg heater, the Simxen electric egg boiler remains the top choice among consumers all over.  

2) Perfect for kitchen fans and bachelors, this boiler makes the entire process much simpler with just a few blinks of minutes. You can even remove its placeholder plate and put a little bowl to poach eggs. 

3) All you need is to place the eggs in the egg holder, pour some water using a measuring cup, turn the lid off and wait till it finishes in a few minutes. To get the best results on hard-boiled eggs, try to poke the egg and make a small hole on one end, the measuring cup will help you do that.  

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4) Aside from basic cooking or steaming of eggs, you can even utilize this to make some incredible DIY egg recipes. Convenient for bachelors or students who live in Hostels. You can even pick this amazing item as a present for your companions or friends and family. 

5) This boiler works at a 400 watt and comes with a long cord. It also has double thermal protection for the safety of your whole family or colleague. You might feel some delay in starting its operation at start.

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Prestige Electric Egg Boiler

Prestige Electric Egg Boiler

1) Prestige is a well-praised brand in India. Their product is a true example of quality and trust. The egg boiler from Prestige shows a similar quality, solidness, and performance as appeared by all other famous appliance of this brand. 

2) It can boil up to 7 eggs at one go, which is enough for family of 3 to 5 people. Likewise, office men, single ones, and gym people will discover this egg boiler helpful as it can make hard-boiled eggs in under 6-8 minutes. 

3) The top of this egg kettle is made of transparent plastic that permits you to see the eggs while cooking. Its hardened steel body guarantees its sturdiness. The measuring cup of this cooker is the perfect for the purpose and has correct marking for water levels. 

4) It has three settings for consistency, i.e., hard, medium, and delicate. To get the perfectly cooked egg as per requirement, simply measure out the necessary measure of water and empty it into the dish. Place the eggs in the spaces, close the top and plug it in. 

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5) Remember to pierce the egg on its wider side before you place it the opening. This is a significant advance that guarantees that the eggs don't break while cooking. To know the specific amount of water, do allude to the manual. 

6) The prestige egg boiler has a one-touch activity and is too basic and simple to utilize. Be that as it may, you have to put it close to a plug as its cord is short. It comes with a year guarantee and if anything breaks in between you get an easy replacement. 

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Supo Stainless Steel Egg Boiler

Supo Stainless Steel Egg Boiler

1) Instead of all-plastic, the heating plate of this egg heater is made out of tempered steel which is considerably more durable. 

2) Its one-touch activity takes into consideration simpler access to its highlights in any event, for the individuals who aren't as technically knowledgeable. It has superb auto turn off features that ensure safety.  

3) You can put at max seven eggs inside this boiler and it expends 350 watts of capacity to complete its activity. 

4) It is a very in budget, quality product to consider for every home. 

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Goodway Electric Egg Boiler

Goodway Electric Egg Boiler

1) A basic and adorable egg boiler which makes heating up an egg conceivable at wherever and whenever. With the good way electric egg kettle, you can bubble 5 eggs in a solitary go in 7-8 minutes of time. 

2) This is a perfect pick for individuals who are consistently moving, bachelors,and health lover who need a snappy scratch of the day by day nutrition. 

3) Goodway egg boiler's smaller size makes it simpler to store it away when not being used and devours so little space for activity as well. Besides, it uses a very little amount of water to cook eggs with its steam. The translucent top spread gives a smoggy look and feels to the general heater body. 

4) All you have to do is to pour the right amount of water set the eggs and let it boil. Switch on the gadget and it naturally shuts off when the eggs are boiled. The measuring cup comes with a small pin attached to break the boiled eggs. 

5) The boiler has a 200w power rating and to cook 5 eggs, you would spend at any rate 10 paise only. This makes this egg boiler highly productive and cost-effective. Moreover, the base of the body is made out of tempered steel which will ensure its longer life. 

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Stvin Electric Egg Boiler

Stvin Electric Egg Boiler

1) This is a small egg heater that has a steel warming plate guaranteeing its durability and can boil 7 eggs at a go. 

2) The 350W heater utilizes food-grade plastic for your better health. 

3) For using this item, you simply need to pour in water, place the eggs, and turn the handle to 110-degree Celsius. When done, the marker light will turn off and you can take your boiled eggs out. 

4) Various tips are referenced in the manual, which the company prescribes for you to peruse before working it.

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PetRice Electric Egg Boiler 

PetRice Electric Egg Boiler

1) The Petrice 2 in 1 and multifunction boiler can easily boil eggs and can poach them as well. Aside from that, you can use it for making some recipes as well. 

2) This is a flat out enjoyment and lifeline for every bachelor, voyager, and undergrads. A solitary gadget that will guarantee that you get all the supplements and taste that you require and deserve. Moreover, it works on very little power. 

3) With its body made out of plastic, the cooking base of this liner is non-stick. Subsequently, it is perfect for a little omelet when you are in the state of mind for.

4) The cooking of the eggs is the same as the entirety of the boilers referenced in this rundown. Measure the water utilizing the estimating cup, place the eggs on the placeholders, close the cover, and switch it on. It consequently shuts off when the eggs are bubbled. You can look as the eggs are bubbled or poached through the straightforward cover. 

5) For cooking an omelet, break the egg into the holder. Blend it in with a blender and close the cover. Switch it on and it turns off as the omelet prepares. 

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GosFrid Skillet Egg Boiler

GosFrid Skillet Egg Boiler

1) on the off chance that you have a bigger family or you simply need your egg kettle to perform various tasks, GosFrid Skillset is the one for you. 

2) It is a twofold decker egg boiler, utilizing which, you can either boil as many as 14 eggs in a single go.  

3) The auto temperature controller is a must-have feature included in this device. 

4) The base is made of stainless steel where you'll be pouring the water, while the top racks utilize high-grade plastic. 

5) The electric boiler has a power switch which turns off automatically once eggs are finished. The included measuring cup lets you include just the necessary measure of water. 

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CurioCity Electric Egg Boiler 

CurioCity Electric Egg Boiler
1) This little and conservative egg cooker is basic with, a simple to utilize the system. It has the limit of cooking 7 eggs at a go and is ideal for a medium-sized family. Simply include the necessary amount of water utilizing the estimating cup to get the surface of the egg that you like. When the water in the dish evaporates, eggs start boiling, and once done it turns off automatically. 

2) To get delicate boiled eggs, keep this unit working for 3 to 4 minutes. In the event that you need medium consistency, a great 6 to 7 minutes will do. You can get hard-bubbled eggs in around 10 minutes with this cooker. Just follow the manual and add an appropriate amount of water. 

3) The external body of this heater is made of plastic, while the internal plate is tempered steel. Its transparent cover permits you to take a glance at the eggs while cooking. We would encourage you to utilize portable water to expand the longevity of this machine. 

4) This cooker is entirely moderate and can cook eggs utilizing extends 25 ml of water. There are two significant advantages of utilizing this egg heater. One, you can utilize it to steam different things as well, for instance, dumplings, veggies, and so forth. What's more, the second being, its double thermal protection, shields it from harm in the event of overheating. 

5) To boil eggs in this egg cooker, cautiously measure the water and pour it into the container. Pierce hole in the eggs utilizing the egg pin that joins the primary unit. At that point set the eggs on the plate. Switch on the power button, and your eggs will be cooked to flawlessness in practically no time. 

6) It utilizes 350 watts to cook the most delectable and flawlessly bubbled eggs. Nonetheless, one drawback of this boiler is that it doesn't have any guarantee. On the off chance that you agree to this face, and trust the reviews, you can surely go for this reasonable and easy to use egg boiler.

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HSR Electric Egg Boiler

HSR Electric Egg Boiler

1) Another fundamental egg heater to add a touch of refinement to your kitchen while keeping the procedure as simple as could be expected under the circumstances. 

2) This item is intended to just boil eggs and doesn't pack whatever other muddled highlights that may befuddle your relatives, particularly the senior ones. 

3) Available at a significant in-budget price, you can include an 7 eggs at a go. 

4) With a mix of tempered steel and food-grade plastic, you can remain guaranteed that the heater will protect your eatables from any bad contaminations or any synthetic concoctions. 

5) A transparent cover has been incorporated to let you watch out for the eggs and furthermore to know when they are finished. The procedure is as easy as some other boilers in the market.

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Saysha Electric Egg Boiler 

Saysha Electric Egg Boiler
1) Saysha is not a mainstream brand in India. The components that make us place this egg cooker on this rundown are its attractive design, one-touch operation, and in-budget pricing.  

2) On the off chance that you are looking for a moderate and simple choice for cooking eggs on a busy routine, it is ideal for you. It can cook 7 eggs in one set. Be that as it may, you can likewise cook any number of eggs lesser than 7 with it.  

3) To bubble eggs, put the eggs in the placeholder, pour water and switch on the machine in the wake of shutting the top. Inside 6 minutes, bubbled eggs will be prepared. This cooker guarantees wellbeing as it turns off automatically once there is no water left to evaporate. 

4) To ensure that the eggs don't break while being boiled, pierce little holes on them before cooking. This egg boiler comes in various colors and made up of high-grade plastic.  

5) This cooker is multifunctional, and can also be used for other recipes as per your choice.

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Arzet Electric Egg Boiler 

Arzet Electric Egg Boiler

1) The Arzet egg boiler has all the necessary qualities which are required for an efficient and easy to use a machine. It has a limit of cooking 7 eggs at a go. This boiler is perfect for everybody who can't bear the cost of standing a long time preparing breakfast.

2) It has a basic system with only one power button. For cooking boiled eggs in this cooker, you should pour an adequate measure of regular water into the container first. At that point place the eggs in the openings put the top, and power it on. Do make a little pierce hole on every one of the eggs before you start.  

3) It has a pointer that hums when the eggs are cooked. Be that as it may, on the off chance that you need half-boiled eggs, you should do some guesswork and turn the power off before the indicator buzzes. 

4) This device utilizes 350 watts for its work. It is lightweight and compact with the goal that you can have cooked eggs or boiled veggies in a hurry. 

5) It doesn't have an auto-turn off the device, thus, you should be cautious while it is working. Continuously make a point to turn it off when the indicator signals. It also doesn't come with a guarantee but you can return within 15 days id not satisfied.

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Velveeta Multi-use Egg Boiler

Velveeta Multi-use Egg Boiler

1) Velveeta egg evaporator acts like one of the most flexible items helping the bustling families in preparing their morning meal quickly.

2) While with the included eggs plate, you can boil somewhere in the range of one and seven eggs, while you can utilize different plate to make more dishes like mixed or poached eggs, or significant other food items those work with the steam. 

3) Given its removable parts, this egg heater turns out to be genuinely simple to clean, however washing the base in the water can harm its electricals. 

4) Coming to the procedure, you have to put inside the necessary measure of water and put the eggs on the included plate. Turn the switch on and it will deal with the rest.

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Inalsa Electric Egg Boiler 

Inalsa Electric Egg Boiler

1) Inalsa is an Indian organization in joined venture with a Swedish conglomerate called Taurus and is devoted to making quality home appliances since 1985. 

2) Perfect for small families and bachelors at the same, the Inalsa Oggi egg heater can boil up to 7 eggs in very well 8 minutes. What's more, its attractive design will surely add a style to your kitchen without a doubt. 

3) All you would need to do is utilize the measuring cup to gauge the necessary water to be poured. Just pour the water into the holder. Place the eggs in their place holders, close the cover and turn it on. It will automatically turn off when eggs boiled. 

4) The egg plate and the aluminum and hardened steel cover are highly durable and will surely last longer. The measuring cup even has a pin to its base which is useful in breaking the egg after it is boiled. If you need hard-boiled eggs, pierce a tiny hole on the egg before boiling using the pin from the measuring cup. 

5) Inalsa's Oggi egg boiler works on 360 watts power which will surely not eat too much energy and will save on your bills. There is a small issue though sometimes it shows eggs boiled but results in semi-boiled ones. The product does come with one year of guarantee.

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Getko Electric Egg Boiler 

Getko Electric Egg Boiler

1) This specific egg boiler stands good in our rundown as a result of its built, which takes after a frying pan. It is one more practical machine that gives great performs and has multiple usages. It is made of plastic yet has non-stick internals which can be used to sear omelets. 

2) It is made up of strong reasonable plastic that can withstand high temperatures. Again equipped with a great auto shut off feature ensures your safety in all the instances. 

3) To boil eggs using this boiler is as simple as making tea. Just put the egg-plate on it, prick the eggs with the egg pin and pierce holes on them. Simply close the cover and trust that the machine will turn itself off once your delightful boiled eggs get prepared. 

4) To boil eggs on this cooker, you will need just around 7 minutes. It has uniform warming, and the time that you have to broil an omelet is about 4 to 5 minutes. 

5) Taking care of this egg boiler is the easiest part due to its handled design. It also has a measuring cup which also has a punching pin to easily perforate the shell.  You can without much of a stretch use, clean, and store this egg boiler. You won't get any guarantee on the product.

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Egab Double Layer Egg Boiler

Egab Double Layer Egg Boiler

1) Need more space to include an additional plate of eggs? If so then this model may be most appropriate for your necessities as it has a twofold decker plan. 

2) You can then again decide to heat up certain eggs on the base plate and have something different steam on the top plate or even boil up to 14 eggs together. 

3) The 350-watt heater is moderately simple to work and furthermore gives you a choice to utilize just the base rack if there is no requirement for the additional one. 

5) The base region where water is to pore is made out of hardened steel and you also get a measuring cup to assist you.

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Purchasing Guide: Points to note 

Countertop Egg Boiler 

The ledge boilers are anything but easy pickup, independent, and require a little space in the kitchen space. You can utilize these to boil or poach eggs. With an egg boiler, you will have the alternatives to boil eggs with various functions, features, and depending upon your egg cooking needs. 

Microwave Egg Boiler 

A microwave egg boiler isn't an electrical appliance that can work without anyone else. You can possibly put it to utilize in the event that you own microwave in advance. These are progressively similar to vessels where you can set the eggs, pour water, and spot it in the microwave for cooking. 

NOTE: Always check if the material of the egg boiler is suitable with a dishwasher or not before giving it for a wash in the machine. 

The ledge egg boilers are better as we would like to think. They give you greater authority over the cooking procedure and accompany different extra highlights. Be that as it may, if on the off chance that you have a small space and need a simpler to-clean choice, at that point the microwave model is for you. (Again considering you already own a microwave) 

NOTE: Add a little measure of salt to the water in the egg boiler. It will speed the cooking, and result in simple stripping of the eggshells. 

Efficient Options: Timers/Indicators/Modes 

An egg boiler spares your time as it doesn't expect you to remain close to it constantly while it is carrying out its work. A decent 10 minutes in the first part of the day matters a great deal as everybody is in a rush. 

Saving that opportunity to remain before the gas oven, trusting that a clump of eggs will cook can be a great deal. In this way, putting money into an egg boiler is a great way to save your time and energy. 

For this reason, they come with timers, modes, settings, etc. All standard egg boilers come with these features to save a lot of your time and ensure your safety. 

Boiling Mode Setting – This feature lets you cook eggs in different ways such as hard-boiled, soft boiled, or medium.  

NOTE: A indicator in a boiler that is prepared an auto shut-off instrument permits you to spare time as well as safety. It ensures that you are implied about the cooking progress exactly on schedule with the goal that you can turn the machine off. 

NOTE: TRICK - Many of you whine that the eggs dribble subsequent to penetrating while the cooking is being finished. The trick here is to pierce a hole on the wider side before placing it in the space. 

Steps to Cook the Perfect Boiled Eggs 

The egg cooker of one brand may differ from another, yet their fundamental working rule is the same. To give you a considerable measure of thought previously on the effortlessness of these machines, We specify the correct ways to boil eggs. 

Pierce the egg on its wider side and keep it top side while placing. It will ensure it won't break after boiling. Set up the eggs on a tray and make sure the pierced side is kept upwards.

Add water using measuring cup properly depending upon your choice of hard, soft, or medium boiled egg need. 

Place lid. Make sure its top cover properly closed. Turn on the boiler and let it finishes its work. 

Steps Keep an Egg Cooker Clean 

Keeping your appliance clean is an important thing. Always remember to turn off the switch and unplug the boiler before starting the cleaning. 

Use water, White vinegar, Cleanser, and soft Microfiber Fabric to perform the cleaning. 

Numerous boilers accompany a 'keep warm' include, utilizing which you can cook the eggs in advance and serve them hot much after quite a while. 

Frequently asked Questions: 

1. How does an egg heater work? 

It works on a well-known heating plate technique. A plate is electrically heated, that is passed to the water and boils it to create hot water vapors. This vapor is used to cook the eggs.

2. Is an Egg boiler a valuable appliance?

Yes surely. It saves a lot of time than boiling an egg traditionally on the gas top. An evaporator exclusively intended for eggs can boil them in the quickest time.

3. What is the expense of an egg evaporator? 

They come in several brands and quality. Good regular quality can come in around 500 to 800 rs. while there are high-quality models as well. 

5. To what extent does an egg heater require to boil eggs? 

It is 5 to 10 mins work all altogether.


Quality and speed are not that normal in egg boilers. Be that as it may, with a 1-year guarantee and the capacity to cook 7 eggs in only 3 minutes, the Kent Electric Egg Boiler takes our rundown's ahead of all comers. 

It's basic, rich, and an extraordinary device for a solid breakfast. While those were our special picks or you, let us know in comments for any suggestions from your side.

These specially chosen egg boilers are sure to pick up for your household needs. We ensure their qualities are as per the consumer standards and surely you will love to have them. 

Let us know your questions, suggestions in the comments box below.

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