Best Disinfectants Spray and Liquids to fight Coronavirus in India

We are one of the largest populated countries in the world. That being said, disinfectants have become a part of our life due to the recent pandemic. During this trying time, we need to keep ourselves and our loved safe by using various things like masks, often sanitizing our hands with alcohol-based disinfectants. The need for disinfectant has made us check out many such products online to find a safe and suitable disinfectant available in the vicinity. To ensure the safety of our community, it is our duty to help in any minute possible way to ease the suffering from the pandemic. Let’s check some of the amazing products which could better our lives. 

Best Disinfectants and Sprays for Covid

Best Sprays:

1. Savlon Disinfectant Spray

Like the famous Dettol and Lifebuoy, we have yet another giant in the disinfectant spray business – Savlon. This surface disinfectant offers protection from 99.99% viruses and bacteria including fungi and molds. Ethanol IP suggests the alcohol-based disinfectant which is quite effective against even some of the lethal viruses. Just shake well and use it on any surface to disinfect. Since you need not wipe the surface and let the spray dry, it could be used even in the tiniest of place to help protect ourselves from any harmful germs.

2. Dettol Disinfectant Spray

We all have heard of the Dettol products since we use them daily. This giant come up with a disinfectant spray to help us. We will now check out the disinfectant from Dettol which fights against bacteria and viruses. The 99.99% guarantee from Dettol is still retained in this product along its added pine scent. Dettol also kills odor-causing bacteria with its anti-bacterial formula to fight germs constantly. This spray is quite handy with its use on all surfaces to cleanse and clean to protect ourselves from harmful microorganisms. However, this disinfectant has one exception. It cannot be used on polished wood, painted surface or acrylic-based plastics.

3. Lifebuoy Germ Killer

Lifebuoy is a popular soap brand in the country which we are well aware of.  With the increase in the number of pandemic cases being reported in the city we live; it is mandatory to get some type of sanitizer to keep ourselves safe.  With various sizes available, this germ killer assures the quality to kill 99.99% of germs which includes both viruses and bacteria. The Lifebuoy Germ killer is a spray that can be used like a deodorant. Spray on any surface apart from polished wood, painted surface, and acrylic-based plastics. Lifebuoy claims the spray to be skin-friendly, so people with allergies need not worry about using it. 

4. Bacto V Disinfectant Spray

Yet another product which could be the one we are looking for. The Bacto V Disinfectant Spray made from Ethyl alcohol, Banzalkonium Chloride, and perfume offers the assurance of 99.99% protection against germs. Similar to the ones we have been reading so far, the Bacto V also has multipurpose use with a pleasant fragrance due to the perfume being one of the ingredients used in its manufacturing process. Since it is a spray, we could use it in every nook and corner of the house to disinfect the surfaces, both hard and soft. Another fact is that the description of the product which states as – acts as a hotbed for a wide variety of viruses and bacteria. They live up to this description.

5. Insurance Disinfectant Spray

When searching for a suitable alcohol-based disinfectant, it is in our nature to find attractive ones like better fragrance, easy to carry with us – a portable disinfectant. However, we need to check on the content of the disinfectant and its use. Talking about such a product, Insurance Disinfectant spray has a rich smell that comes from lavender extracts. This multipurpose spray from Insurance consists of 73.6% alcohol (highest in this list) which protects us from 99.99% germs. It can be used in various ways which include hands, soft surfaces, hard surfaces like tables, doorknobs, kid’s toys, keys, packages and more with one single spray. This spray can be carried within a small handbag or a big enough purse which Is easy to commute with.

Best Surface Cleaners:

1. Dettol Liquid Disinfectant Cleaner for Home

Dettol is one of the most popular anti-virus and bacteria cleaner in India. The liquid can effectively clean most of the viruses and bacteria. Its a multipurpose liquid can be diluted in water to maintain the hygiene of body as well as surfaces including the floor.

2. Lizol Trigger Power All-Purpose Cleaner

This is a multi-purpose yet another popular cleaner for every Indian household. 

Besides kitchen tools and utensils, this cleaner can also be used in other parts of the house for surfaces, tables, toys, etc. 

3. Dr. Pax Double Power Multipurpose Disinfectant

It is best for eliminating several germs and hence protecting you from most of the diseases. Its a very concentrated liquid and can be used with proper dilution. It is nicely available in two fragrance variants ad there packing sizes for easy purchase. 

4. Bacillol 25 Ready to use Surface & Equipment

Bacillol is not only for regular cleaning and disinfectant but for equipment as well. Just spray it on the desired area and wipe off the surface, and it will clean al the harmful viruses and bacteria from it. 

The spray acts as an instant cleaner and its free from aldehyde. It is made specially keeping the other surfaces in mind as it won't spoil anything on them keeping them aesthetically safe. 

5. Stardrops Disinfectant Spray

It again a popular multipurpose cleaner that will kill up to 99% germs and will make the surface clean within a few seconds. Besides eliminating the risk of diseases, this spray has a sweet fragrance to keep you feel fresh. 

It can be used for cleaning floors, toilets, drains, basins, baths, and so on.


There are many such disinfectants in the country which are being sold. However, we would need to check these points while trying to find the one which is worth the money. It is always better to buy products that we know about rather than to regret about hospital expenses later. The choice left to us and we should be able to make a wise decision after reading about these products. Stay safe and stay healthy by using an effective disinfectant that we discussed here today.

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